why I don’t like exercise buddy’s


As someone who commits 100% to taking care of my body, I have never understood why trainers emphasis that 50% of ones commitment to daily workout sessions is if they have exercise buddy's, I have found the statistic very disappointing on my part. May be I choose the wrong buddy's or it's just about me and ...

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I will never forget Emily Yapsiwa


“Never forget”, is a phrase that we used often in Boarding School to state who was the worst and best pupil in various aspects of our stay at school. The phrase was best used in writings found in latrines, on lockers or classroom walls. Today I have an opportunity to share who I will never ...

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Are you a job wanderer or seeker


The world is full of almost 12.3% of unemployed fresh graduates but of the 12.3%, 9% have a partial mentality to holding down jobs. Although people worldwide are in awe of the large numbers of unemployment youths in the world, we have the job wanderers to thank for, for the invention of the stereotypical phrase of ...

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The biggest mistake I will never make again


Most of us when we start out, we are sold the myth that asking for what we want from a future employer puts us in a bad position. But I will tell you this, failure to communicate what you require from your future employer at the beginning of your relationship (which is of course your ...

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Think like a soldier to win at business


When you open a business, you open yourself up to the duty of service, just like a police officer, a soldier or medical officer.   Your duty is so great you are not supposed to expect your clients to respect you, if they don’t respect your brand.   They will not kiss your ring most times in fact expect ...

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