2016: Fresh start January


January is here and I can’t help it but be as excited as can be. For me January is always the most promising month of the year because I was born this month, I set most of my goals this month, my calendar is always filling up with fresh content ideas for sarahnamulondo.com, and I’m more motivated than ever to make this the best blogging year ever.

That means it is going to be your best career development year ever so if your New Year’s resolutions include getting a promotion, finding a job or starting your own business you might want to keep reading this blog for the latest on the mindset of the HR and what prompts them to employ and promote other candidates over others.

And as always this topic will be running throughout the whole month of January, I’m hoping to fix in a couple of interviews here and there from some of your favourite company HR’s to make it even more awesome. I guess we are going to have fun.

Happy New Year once again and please, show up tomorrow same time because I have so much in store for you.



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