3 Questions every young person should ask


Some days I just sit back and look at my life and am like wow, what a mess!!! What was I thinking? I guess I have also not been immune to drama and all the crazy short sighted decisions that come with youth.

But I have managed to hit quite a turn around by evaluating my weaknesses, learn from my mistakes and move forward. Today I am sharing 3 of the questions I ask myself before making any decision.

1. Do I want this to appear in my biography when I die or before I die?


I did a course I didn’t like because statusquo demanded and I side lined the course of my dreams because apparently (B.A of Arts in Drama) wouldn’t get me a job anywhere.

Do I really want this to end up in my Biography-No, because it deflects from the person I have become-the Captain of my Destiny.

So I ask myself every day, why did I waste those three years in self pain while I did a science course that had nothing to do with what I loved.

It’s true the jobs are quite vast including self employment in Environmental Management but I should have given Arts in Drama a fighting chance.


2. DO I REALLY WANT TO WORK? There is nothing wrong with working but there is still nothing wrong with being unemployed.

I know some people feel the bad about being unemployed because the people who advice them that if they don’t work they are failures.

I will say it is only fair to yourself to take your time and decide what, where and who you want to work for, then there I will give you my blessing to walk into every door to ensure that you get that job.

And when you do, you’ll be like me, I have no regrets. Even though I have made some mistakes I’m still pursuing what I chose to labour at.

That is why before I get to work with any company I would like to know whether the company giving me full time employment has the capacity to stay in the game 20 years from now.

Can they stay in the same location 20 years from now because I don’t want to be faced with instability at the peak of my career?

Having to commute to work or move away from my current location and probably move my “family” just to work with them.

I always keep in mind that although my current employer signs my cheques, I am responsible for my career and not my employer.

Never leave chance to determine your fate, you should pull in the reigns and take charge of your career.


DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP: On this one I just look back and I’m like, “I wish I had listened to my intuition”. I have really severed quite a number of relationships with people for one reason or another.

That is why today before I pursue any relationship whether business, career, friendships or even love, I always question, is this worth my time. Does this get me what, where, how and who I need in my life.

I know most people sell themselves the myth that they make friends with no benefits but that happens for a while until you refuse to do something for them. That is when you’ll realize your friendships have benefits however useless.

That is why with me it is an open rule, when I get acquainted with someone I will always throw in all the chips, what do you expect from me?

Where do you see this relationship going? What do you think I can gain from you? What are your goals? If anything above is covered in subtle wave offs I wouldn’t want to waste my time with someone who has no definiteness of purpose.

I always present my needs, ask for your expectations of me and needs from me. If there are things I can’t meet on your list I will let you know but am not going to carry on in a relationship that has no road map.

Above all always listen to your intuition and I guarantee you, you’ll never be disappointed.


DO YOU WANT TO PUT THAT IN YOUR WILL: If you venture into a business or something substantial to bring in money for you, always ask yourself does this make it to My Will.

Can I leave it to my family or if you have none can it be passed on to your relatives. If you can’t even put it on your will, it is most likely it won’t survive 20 years from now unless you find ways of diversifying it but I suggest run for your life.

What questions guide your decision, share with me in the comments?



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