3 Yoga Poses That fight Writer’s Block


Last week in my article “5 things i share in common with Golola Moses” i shared with you some of the things i do to fight writer’s block but i didn’t really show you the kind of exercises that help me concentrate.


Most of you wrote to me asking for which exercises would help and i realised explaining wouldn’t do so i decided to do a pictorial because pictures speak louder than words.


Below are some of the yoga poses that keep me grounded.


This pose helps increase the flow of blood to your brain which activates the brain activity and for writers creativity, improves your facial skin and muscles but above all leaves you well centered.


Aero plane pose: This is a yoga pose that helps you get centered and tests your stamina. This pose helps the mind concentrate on the task least you risk falling and a repetition of it will help train your mind to concentrate for longer hours.


This pose is quite tricky but its the best of them all it will help you work out your arms, thighs, stomach, butt and brain all in one. Any time i feel like cheating on all my exercise routines i pull out this classic it comes in handy.


Pictures were taken by Martha at Ngamba Island.

PS: I love you and would love to help out in any way possible




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