5 myths that have been written about successful people


#1. They don’t doubt themselves: This is one of those lies that have been passed around for such a long time. Show me a successful person and I will show you a doubter. Successful people are constantly and consistently changing their minds about decisions and product designs. That is why most of them are mistakenly called perfectionists.


There is no such thing as perfectionist in actual sense the person who calls himself or herself perfectionist just doubts how his product will be received in the market which causes him/her to think about more creative ways to present his product hence changing their minds about the first design, second, third and fourth until he/she creates a superior product.

# 2. They do it for themselves: Show me a successful person and I will show you a young girl or boy locked up in an adult body but still trying so hard to prove themselves to the world because somehow in their childhood something major happened which offset their lives on the journey to work hard at proving others wrong.


#3. They are not scared of failure or rejection: Show me a successful person and I will show you a person so scared of rejection and failure that they are willing to work ridiculous hours and do odd things so as not to ever face failure or rejection again because they faced it once, it was worse and they vowed never to let that feeling stay with them forever but rather try again and again until they combat it.

#4. They are not Jealous: Show me a successful person and I will show you a jealous person otherwise we wouldn’t be living in a world where we have IPhones, HTCs and lumias all of which are smart phones. We wouldn’t be having companies of our said “successful people”, crafting competitive advantages against fellow industry leaders.

Bottom line is if a successful person finds out that someone has a competitive edge over them in their industry of choice, they will either copy and paste or create a product better than their competition. What do you call that?

super woman

#5. Successful people are optimistic people: That is another myth, successful people are not optimistic otherwise we wouldn’t have angry bosses and CEO’S all year round. Successful people just understand the way the laws of nature work, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. They know that failure is not a constant that is why they are able to smile through it and work hard to achieve number 3.

You can always add to this list in the comments below but for now those are some of the things that I have read about successful people and I disagree with.

Hope I have been of help



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