Dear Graduates welcome to the real world


The real world is an empty canvas, waiting to be painted on. The real world has no jobs; it has insufficient medical care, poor roads, bad industrial systems and an education system that is stuck in solving the post colonialism governments’ problems.

Now that you have graduated you are leaving your parents Garden of Eden and stepping into your real world. You will not only experience different freedoms but you will have to do a lot of creating your own world too.
You’re going to deal with creating a job that is suitable for the 21st century Uganda, come up with ideas that elevate our economy.

In the past our ancestors faced this monstrous reality but instead of looking for help, they discovered fire, water, child bearing and adjusting to taking care of other human beings in form of their own children, this is how daringly difficult discovery is. Use this period to discover what you can do with what you have, take Makerere to the people as much as you can.

What issues are the people in your village area facing, do you happen to know a set of graduates who were trained in that area. Organize yourselves solve that challenge, commit to having as many community dialogues with the people in your areas more than foreign NGO’s do, because that is our duty to our Country.

A duty to take Makerere to the people, in the past, villagers pulled resources together to see to it that one or two children attained education in their districts. Let’s also pay homage to this spirit and give back to our Communities. We may not have the fancy jobs and money to achieve this, but the spirit of a volunteer is always backed by a generous philanthropist who sees the need for that kind of service.

Those of us who have studied Bachelors of Education lets go out and educate our fellow brothers and sisters in UPE schools. Those of us with Bachelors in Nursing, let’s volunteer and teach or help a woman deliver in that health centre II/III/IV in your village.

Most villages don’t even have small paths let’s mobilize them into Community Service. I have seen progress happen with just self will in some villages like Nabutaka, in Gayaza, Wakiso district.

Today I implore you to take on the spirit of giving back before we are given. Don’t take on that spirit of Eden in the real world, because the Government cannot afford creating more jobs for us.

Let us join together and take Makerere to the people.



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