6 Books about Love and Relationships for the confused, bruised and in love


After quite a long time I have finally managed to put together a meaningful post. I am still alive! Some of you were concerned by the lack of blog stories on THE BLOG so I’m taking this opportunity to give you an update. Everything is  fine!

…and I haven’t been blogging because I took on rather too much (I guess that’s all I’m allowed to say for now) but I’m rethinking it. Anyway I’m not complaining except that it had to take Valentine’s day for me to come back.

That is because…I love LOVE!! I may not enjoy some whimsical love stories but I do enjoy seeing my friends and I, in fulfilling relationships. That’s priceless!!

So in the spirit of love, allow me share with you some amazing books I have been reading and plan to read about love, relationships and how to spice it up.

Gosh!! I’m sweating…perhaps its nerves. Anyway don’t let my title mislead you, this is no Mills & Boons or Jackie Collinsesque stuff, it is serious emotional cleansing if you are confused, bruised and may be still in love or rather IN LOVE!!

Without further ado, here is

Let love in by Sarah Namulondo no not Sarah Namulondo, it’s by Debra .A. Berndt and it was written for Roberto—whatever he was going through. ssmh!

Let love in

image for book

This book I love!! Hmm I relate to it a lot mainly because the writer brings a new dimension to finding Love, its the childhood dimension where you proclaimed when you wanted to get married, what you focused on and how you envisioned it all. Debra talks about how children who were focused on love got married in their early 20’s and children who were focused on their careers have successful careers but not relationships.

That’s not actually a bad thing, she says, because the universe decided to give you what you wished for but now you feel like you are of age and would like to have meaningful relationships outside your career life. She says for that to happen, you must alter your subconscious by re-educating it to think and want healthy relationships long side your healthy career life. Read the book and it will guide you on how to do it.

Next in line is…

Boundaries in dating

dating book image

This was definitely a book recommendation  by a Youtuber called Shameless Maya, who said the book helped her understand why she needed to stay celibate in her relationships before marriage. So for those of you planning to do the Damn Thing!! You might want to reconsider as DR. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend say WAIT even when your body says I’m Ready!! Haven’t got to read this one yet but I’m definitely telling my body to WAIT!!

The great life makeover

great life makeover

A book written for seniors in relationships, it tackles weight gain, how hormonal changes alter sexual libido and how to improve it. Since its Valentine and its all about spreading the love, if you are a son or daughter this is a perfect gift  for your parents or aunties and uncles to spice up their relationship and sex lives. BE NICE 🙂

Secrets Of Happy Relationships 50 Techniques To Stay In Love

secrets to happy relationships

In this book Jenny Hare compiled a list of 50 techniques  you can use to spice up your relationship especially for those confused, bruised but still in love. This Valentine if you get your eyes and brain on this book you may end up rekindling your love life with your significant other or new significant other. Life is too short to hold onto a dead horse 🙂

Play or be played

play or be played

Now my dears this is for those who have been incessantly played or like you want to call it cheated on. If you are interested in revenging, this might be the book for you or if you don’t want it to happen again this might be the book you should be reading. Thank me later!

The worst case scenario

worst case scenario

Finally we have reached the end of our list with the worst case scenario, some of you may be wondering what a book with such a detective title might be doing here, well like you guessed it is a bit detectivey (does this word exist) pardon my french but this book is all about finding out whether your lover was an ex murderer, law breaker or even among those who received the 7 billion handshake (you don’t want to be hanging out with such a man especially the hand shake kind 😉

Any way Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht came up with different scenarios in which a date can go bad, where to get help and how to prevent it. This is especially for those who are going on blind dates, read a couple of pages from this book before going out with some one who could potentially rape you.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me wish you a Happy Valentine and long lasting relationships. For those who are single Happy Galentine or Boyentine! Hahaha these words must exist 😉





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