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Do you remember when we were young,  our parents told us money doesn’t grow on trees as an excuse not to buy us the extra dolls and bikes that we loved so much. Perhaps they were right, money can’t surely grow on trees but it does grow out of some books.

Money grows in people’s imaginations of the world and the amount of success they want to attain in all aspects of their lives.Money grows from the mind but not on trees.This is why;

When I first open the first chapter of any book I intend to read my first reaction is always, what I’m I going to learn.

Since it is amazing how reading the “right books” can change your life forever, It is also important to know that reading is a pseudo way of finding a mentor and that can only be done in the types of books you read. If you choose to take the advise of the writer’s and learn what made them successful then you have nothing stopping you from attaining your own success.

Below are 7 books that have always given me a mental shave down every time I read them. Plus you can download them right here right now and it won’t take up a lot of your mbs. Trust me 😉

Download here: The Richest Man in Babylon


When I opened the first chapter of this book, it was hard to read because of the language used (old English) but since it was recommended by Robert Kiyosaki, I was not going to allow that deter me. I found it to be the single most resourceful financial book ever written, in that when my friend borrowed it and didn’t bring it back I bought myself a new one.

That’s how important this book is plus every financial book out there has borrowed from this ancient wisdom of Babylon. I recommend you not only read it but study this one.

Download here:Think and Grow Rich

grow rich pic

I can still remember when I first bought my copy of “Think and Grow. I had just finished shopping an outfit for my first ever professional interview which was happening the following day and here comes this hawker selling books. He looked at me and said, sister are you interested in any of the books and I looked closer and saw Think and Grow Rich. The book title was so alluring and so was the content.

I opened the chapter on marketing your skills and earning the kind of money you want and when I got to my job interview I aced it. Complete amateur aced her first Journalism job interview from ideas I had read about in this book. That’s how amazing this book is. I don’t know how many times I have read it and reread it but now it’s your time to read it…enjoy :).

Download here: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Deepak Chopra


Hmmm this one here is a gem. At first I didn’t want to read it because I’m a profound Christian since Deepak leans more on the other side of Buddhism but I was in total shock. Here was a guy talking about some of the best practices I thought I had discovered in my life in his book.

Things about the importance of karma in life and success and the power of least effort which I thought was my single most best discovery. I was wrong and I enjoy reading this book because it talks about other success spiritual laws which are not in essence spiritual as the title suggests…they are laws of success.

Download here:The Rules for Being Amazing. Robin Sharma

rules for amazing

When I found Robin Sharma for the first time I thought to myself where in the world have I been. But since I found him I have been in the world a lot :). This is one of his free eBooks that I received and every time I feel like am going off course I get back to these rules of amazing.

Download here:A Survival Guide for Working With Bad Bosses

bad boss

I picked up this one when I first quit my job and I must say it was a great read. I even did a bad boss series on this blog based on this book. But today you’ll be reading the book yourself and having a glimpse at all the bad boss relationships you’ve been in and the bad employee you have been ;).

Seriously if you are getting bullied at work or any ill treatment of the sort this is the book for you! Plus it shows you how to handle the situation without having to quit your job.

Download here:Body Language – How to read others thoughts by their Gesture

body language

This one I loved and still love because it helps me get through most of the crazy marketing tours I take. If you do a lot of marketing, job hunting, story sourcing and networking this is the book for you. It will help you realize the person you are talking too is terse, uncomfortable or even uninterested so it’s up to you to make them feel better in a twist of seconds.

It helps you have an upper hand in any form of interpersonal communication.

Download here: Communicate to Win


This was an excellent read in fact I wrote an entire story out of it, if you can speak don’t write. Anyone remember that. Yeah this was the book responsible for it and it’s responsible for my improved communication style. Let me hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Download here: Bin Laden Behind the Mask of the Terrorist

Plus my bonus book. Of course as a book junkie I love to read about a lot of things including terrorist careers. I’m telling you this book is a gem.This is the story the media never tells about this terrorist. Trust me after reading this you’ll feel closer to Osama bin Laden like never before. He was a truly ambitious guy. I am subscribed to his idealogies but not the murders and the crazy bombings.





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