7 Things to look out for while House hunting


House hunting is one of those traps you fall into immediately after job hunting since the job you get can promptly dictate where you stay.

As easy as house hunting may sound, it can pretty much be like job hunting in all aspects. As it is with everything you want in life, house hunting can also become a real challenge and it has the potential to affect your output at work.

So today I have invested time in finding easy ways in which house hunting can be fun and at the same time fulfilling for you as a professional person.


Get yourself a property broker: This may sound straight forward but however smart you are, house hunting is like walking around in a maze on your own. Trying to do it yourself will only turn into frustration. That is why you have to ensure you hire the right property broker for the job because hiring the wrong broker can have consequences on your budget since property brokers charge on every house inspection you go to with them.

Ensure that the broker has a clear picture of what you want: Property brokers are some funny fellows, you can spend hours trying to explain to him what you want and at the end of the day he delivers something else. That is why it is very important for you to show him a picture of what you want or take him to a house that looks like the one you would like to rent so that he doesn’t waste your time and money.

Stick to your budget: Property brokers have the tendency of taking house hunters to overly priced properties that look exactly like what they want so as to make them believe that properties within the range of their budget don’t exist.

If he constantly does that, drop him and go for another property broker who understands that you are not willing to stretch your budget.

house and keys

Network connectivity: Ensure that the house has clear mobile and internet network accessibility. An apartment or house or business space is useless to you if mobile networks and internet networks can’t be accessed. You are a professional who has to be on call 24/7 and mobile accessibility and the internet are the things that make your professional life easy. You need to rent a house in which you are capable of answering that late night email easily, make that appointment on your phone and do some research on a project you’re tasked to do in the comfort of your home. Without a network connection you are totally cut off from the people who make your career thrive.

Distance from the main road: Unless you have a car or motor bike, distance from the main road should be on your house hunting list. It is very unwise to rent a house that is 1km or 2km away from the main road. The furthest you should be away from the road is 10 minutes but the most practicable is 5 minutes away from the road because in case of any emergencies you can quickly get transport to work from the main access route unlike someone who is 1km or 2km away. When you rent such a house you put your career at a disadvantage because everything you’re assigned to do will be dependent on the distance of your commute to work or after work.


Electricity: Electricity is by far the most essential basic need; you have no business renting a house that has rampant power outages. It doesn’t suit you and therefore I recommend you give up on such a house. Even if the land lord promises to sort it out, you can’t risk your career in the dark while you wait for the land lord to provide the light.

You need to watch the news, charge your phone and iron your work clothes because if you don’t, you’ll risk getting to work with un ironed clothes and your bosses will immediately assume you are disorganized. That will cost you that promotion and that extra task on a project.

Incinerator or pit latrine: For the ladies this is a must. I don’t know if it’s just me but I hate imagining the garbage collector handling my used pads. So when you are looking for a house as a woman an incinerator or pit latrine should be a must on the list of needs besides an inside bathroom and toilet.

What do you look out for in a house? Share with me in the comments below.



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