9 Things you need to learn in your twenties


Not that I’m 30 but growing up and being in my twenties is like living on a roller coaster, you don’t know when you’ll be up or down.

It’s such a confusing time because before you know it you’re 30 and can’t remember much about your twenties.

Below I have come up with a list of 9 ideas to make your twenties worth while and easier to live through.


Making decisions: As you grow older, decision making also gets closer. It’s something you can’t ignore or avoid its part of your twenties. You’ll decide which job to take and which one to quit or resign from, which neighbourhood to stay in, which car to drive and the most confusing one which man/woman to date or Marry.

But the list above may look well made up unfortunately some of the above decisions are so hard to come to and when you fail to make them sooner sometimes they stand to affect your life for long. So as a 20 something, you’ll need to make independent decisions on your own without asking people to make them for you because if they do you’ll regret some of those decisions for the rest of your life.

Trust yourself: Part of making sound decisions is the ability to be able to trust oneself without that, decision making can become harder than it sounds.

So if you find it hard to trust your decisions, write down just one decision you need to make and your desired outcomes once you get the outcome you wanted, write that down in your journal or on your motivation board in that next time when you are so scared to pull the plug on decision making you have a bank of achieved outcomes to give you a strong backbone.


Living with Hypocrites: I hate the in between’s, the Luke warms (neither your friend nor enemies) and the fall no where’s. All those are types of hypocrites and I hate all of them.

I have zero tolerance for them in my personal life and I guess they know it. But what I’ve come to realize is, as you grow older in your 20’s the hypocrites sometimes are your bosses, your supervisors, project managers, work colleagues, land lords and even your relatives.

In this instance you have nothing to do other than coexist with them. I know it’s hard but trust me, it’s something you have to learn in your twenties and make peace with.

Don’t look around, just keep looking ahead: It’s easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing around you. When I was thinking of starting my blog, I’d think, ‘well, so-and-so already has a career blog and they do it better than me, there is no reason for me to do the same. But you can’t think that way. Just focus on what you’re doing, look forward, and keep putting one foot in front of the other, you’ll get there.

Work with people you respect and truly like: You shouldn’t work with people you think you’ll like or learn to respect, work with the ones you like and respect. You’ll be so much more invested in the job and excited to work there daily. Personal Happiness should be key in your twenties.


Burn as many bridges as you can: I know the oldest advice around is don’t burn bridges because we all need each other but no great innovation ever came out of being partial and all nice. The best gift burning bridges gives you is hard work and relentless focus because you work, well knowing you have nothing to fall back on…it is do or die, nothing more.

One such incident happened in 711 AD, when Muslim forces invaded the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. The commander, Tariq bin Ziyad, ordered his ships to be burned and this is what he told his troops;

Original Version

“”Oh my warriors, whither you flee? Behind you is the sea, before you, the enemy. You have left now only the hope of your courage and your constancy. Here is a splendid opportunity to defeat your enemy, if you will consent to expose yourselves freely to death…”

Improved version

“Brothers in Islam, we now have the enemy in front of us and the deep sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward’s death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me?”

Zayid’s army emerged victorious and conquered Spain. The place where he landed was named Jabal Al-Tariq by the Muslims, later twisted to Gibraltar.

bad day at work

If you’re over a job, just get out of there: You are in your twenties and shouldn’t stick to un fulfilling jobs with sucky bosses. Get out there and see what other exciting things you can do in your career then stick to the one’s that fulfills all your wildest dreams.

Know your worth, and go for it: I’ve worked with so many people who doubt themselves and don’t push for the raise, recognition, or promotion they want because they don’t realize just how valuable they are. If you are one of them it’s time to know your worth and ask for it.

Never Abort: I have seen young lives lost at the hand of this sick, short term solution so whatever you do girls either you get on the pill or you get sterilized. But once pregnant never abort!! Your young brilliant life could be at risk of perishing forever and the young child you want sucked out of you gets deprived of their right to see this beautifully and artistically created earth. Two young lives gone too soon, makes me so sad.

Enjoy your twenties guys and if this was helpful spread the love with your friends!



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