6 job hunters you don’t want to be


Job hunting is not an easy feat and when you cross over to actually getting a job or a job interview it is one of those achievements you want to celebrate. Today I bring you 6 job hunters you don’t want to be when you head out in the job market.

The tell it all: This character of job hunter is the one that advertises to whoever wants to listen that they dropped their application letter at a particular company. For them that activity alone is enough to make them assume they’ve been hired. They will tell every former classmate, neighbor, friends and family members how they are going to work with such and such a company.

This character of job hunter has a high affinity for social media bragging and will most likely announce to friends through posts on their timelines how they are in talks with a certain company to get a job.

tellit all

Now the downside of this character is, it immediately raises red flags on whether they will keep company confidentiality intact and in most cases this kind of job hunter gets rejected immediately when “the would be” employer finds out.

When I was at the Independent Magazine the Editor wanted to hire a certain writer to come on board. All he did was make the call and before we knew it he had posted it all over facebook announcing his new job to the world.

In the next meeting some of the senior reporters told him how his new recruit was behaving and I probably know he never heard from the editor again because that young man never made it to the Independent Magazine.

The believer: Many a times I have encountered this job hunter, the one that counts on getting a call back from every company they dropped their C.Vs and Cover Letters. This character has not yet touched base with rejection and believes in a rosy coloured world. The one they see in the movies where actors graduate and start working in swanky offices at plush jobs.

beauty of the mind

I can say this job hunter is naïve and this job hunter was me! Before I discovered that not every application I drop should be Okayed and would immediately get me a job.

I learned this, the hard way but the down side with this job hunting style is you get hurt a lot because most of the times you are giving your mind and heart away to a job that you haven’t yet got.

How did I get out of this trap, well I started viewing job hunting as a game. It shouldn’t be taken seriously like Russian Roulette, no one is going to die if you don’t get the job so quit worrying and foreseeing things that haven’t even happened.

Job hunting is like dating, you can’t seriously tell me you’ll be serious about someone you met a few months or weeks ago. It takes time to trust and respect someone. That is the same with jobs.

So whenever they reject you, you have a right to blow off the rejection because it wasn’t serious in the first place.


The hideous character: This job hunter is never open about his/her job hunting. Whenever you ask them which companies they are eying they will pretend not to know or say they haven’t figured it out.

This kind of job hunter likes to shock friends and family that they got a job opening without anyone’s help. Now the downside with this style of job hunting is it’ll get you in trouble if you won’t have enough knowledge about the company you are applying to.

You may not clearly indicate that you want to work at a certain company but if you are going to work for a company it is in your best interest to know everything about it and you can’t have all that information if you don’t ask for anyone’s help. Most times someone knows someone who knows someone so do yourself a favour and use your networks.

The job hunter who is infatuated with a certain job: Huh!!! You don’t want to be this job hunter she/he is trouble. I knew one like this and she was my sister. Ever since I could remember my sister wanted to work in the Aviation Industry. It was her dream and still is but you can’t blow off available well paying jobs because you are not getting the job you dreamed of.

work infatuation

For two years my sister blew off work just because it wasn’t in the Aviation Industry and in her third year she must have accepted that no matter what she did, she had to have some form of experience in the Tourism Industry to get to where she wanted to go.

Job opening after job opening they indicated she needed to get some experience and for her she thought by experience they meant papers. She went ahead and studied Aiata and other short aviation courses to add to her degree. But the job didn’t come along until she lay her infatuation aside. Now she is a Reservation Officer, finally her dream was achieved but after doing a couple of different jobs.

The flashy one: She/he will buy new clothes for every job interview; they will be even willing to go to heights like borrowing just to make sure they look like Sudhirs Kids from another mother.

This kind can even go to lengths to rent a house in proximity to the company they plan to drop their C.V at. Now this character spends money they have not yet earned in the hopes that they will pay it back.

This kind of job seeker starts their career in debt and in most cases ends their career still indebt.


The fear mongers: Oh my god, you don’t want to be the fear monger, they get scared of dropping their own C.Vs and Cover Letters so they employ a swarm of friends or relatives to escort them to do the dropping.

The fear mongers always need support and they use agitation, impatience and rude language as a defense mechanism. When a fear monger goes for an interview they can’t help but yap all through before the interview starts.

If it’s a T.V presenters role/ acting role and you have to remember some lines you’ll hear them tell a story of how they can’t remember their lines while interrupting your cramming session. These always come in cute and handsome bundles and I will tell you to avoid them and never be them.

This is my bonus character.

The clueless one: Now this one always stops at the gate and doesn’t find it weird. Unless you are applying to be a security guard you have no business stopping at the gate.

This character follows whatever the security guard says and they are willing to buy uniforms and make ID’s of companies they don’t work for. These are always the victims of security guards humour. But seriously how can a security guard beat your understanding, I thought you were the one with a degree/ diploma/ certificate.

What job hunting characters are you? Share with me in the comments below.






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