Beautiful Girls don’t need money, they need Marry


This was the model before the rise of the feminist, who dragged the beautiful girl into the office. Distracted her with money, cars, private jets, luxurious homes and yachts… in the end after attaining all these things, the beautiful girl still wanted that one thing… marry.


Ok forget the pun; this is an interesting point of view which was pointed out by my friend Duncan. He always questions my hard work and my focus because to him it doesn’t make sense since at the end of the day all I will want is to be married more than I want to be wealthy and have all these accomplishments.

His point of view has taken me a while to understand but I guess with age everything starts to clear up. A woman is a symbol of love and warmth, he went on. She is someone a man comes home to, to unwind off all the stress that is accumulated from pursuing money.

Her disposition is supposed to be uncorrupted by work life miseries and stress to prepare her to diffuse these things out of her husband and children. She is the sanity backbone that strikes the balance between life and emotional stability.


She is supposed to be refreshing, full of hope and joy and many more beautiful things. But then this table was turned and produced the fighter who goes out to war every morning.

Not quite designed to handle every negative force and destruction that comes as a result of the pursuit of money and wealth, the beautiful girl comes home mostly stressed out and ready to fight with anyone who tries to push or ask for more out of her already tired mind and body.

She can’t sit down and have a conversation with her children because she has to prepare the morning meeting power point presentation after preparing dinner. Her husband turns to the News or soccer to diffuse stress out of his mind and the kids…well the kids turn to homework and video games and sometimes the internet to mend their broken hearts and punctured self esteem all of which have been caused by the school bully.

In today’s family, no one gets home to help anyone, everybody gets home to meet the recluse version of themselves, the woman is busy dealing with emotional pollution in her well of insecurities, the children are getting bullied or are turning into bullies and the husband has no idea what’s happening to their marriage.


Honestly I used to look down on men who refused their wives to work, I called them cave men, local and well anything below the belt but now I see the sense in the idea.

Everybody needs to have a therapist that cares about them and is sensitive to their needs, someone who’s just going to listen without judgment but with love and affection. Someone whose interest is yours and yours is theirs…it’s just a relationship that builds you and doesn’t drain you at all. That is the makeup of the beautiful girl and honestly I would love to accumulate a lot of money in my lifetime but I would pay lots of money to be called a symbol of love and warmth.

Now I have reached the realization that I can be this symbol, all I have to do is just be a woman. Pour as much love and warmth back into the world as I can through the lives of the men and women that will come through me into this world. Make the world a stable and peaceful sphere through my actions, my therapy sessions with my family and that will be all.

What kind of beautiful girl are you? Are you for money or Marry? Share with me in the comments below.



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