Book 2: Challenge the status quo and read with me


By now I guess I have resurrected the book nerds in you. Some of you might as well just get kidnapped by the characters or the wisdom in books but I would really like to know how is the book reading going.

Do you know your worth by now , do you know what to include in your CV and what not to include and do you know a bit about natural aptitude planning. I must say Nia Maritz’s book KNOW YOUR WORTH was so eye opening for me especially the part about the natural aptitude test and natural aptitude planning.

I didn’t know about that and I’m amazed at how Nia broke it down in the book with vivid examples anyone could easily copy and paste from and add to their CV. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can get the book via this link Challenge the status quo and read with me

But today I want to introduce to you a man we all know by name through the very many quotes we’ve seen through our social media accounts or quotes friends have sent to our emails.

I know you are wondering who this is, but his none other than;

Booker T W

Booker T Washington, I believe some of you have met him in this way;


or like this

booket T


or like this

But irrespective of how you met him or found out about him, Booker T Washington’s biography UP FROM SLAVERY has been on my bucket list of to read books. I’m sorry I have already started on this book without you but I must say it makes for a great read.

It’s a book that will make you realize how privileged you are to have attained an education and you’ll undoubtedly wish the same for so many people. His book chronicles his childhood as a slave to starting the first black university, Tuskegee University.

I know you’ll enjoy this one and on Monday I am bringing you, THE ONE THING a book written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. This i’m told is absolutely amazing for entrepreneurs and creatives so watch the space.

Here is Booker T’s Biography UP FROM SLAVERY, enjoy and please remember to share the books with your friends and friends friends. Let’s all challenge the status quo and read for the entire month of November.

Up from slavery

Booker T Washington

I know you’ll enjoy this book and when you do remember to leave a comment of appreciation ;).







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