Book 5: Challenge the Status Quo and Read with Me


What are we reading? What are we reading today? Let me guess!

ReadwithMe Challenge


Initially this wasn’t what we were going to read but according to public demand, I have caved in and decided to share  this book with you. Since morning no actually after Bake aka Mr. Inspiration shared on Facebook that I had sent him this book, I’ve had a couple of people requesting me to send them a PDF copy of this book and I don’t have enough time to do it randomly so I’ve decided to send it to everyone at once.

Here you go;

Outliers the Story of success by Malcom Gladwell

outliers book cover

I happened to read this last year and I’ve had a lot of fun re-reading it. I guess you’ll get the same feeling when you realize you are one of the outliers like I did. In fact after reading this book last year, I realized that in January to around February my brain slows down a bit (code for growing since it is the month I was born). Then after that I have a lot of energy throughout the year I can’t even spend it all.

I also realized that in January no matter what I do (yoga, jogging, reading, singing  listening to music and motivational pieces) my mind doesn’t jump start well (the system keeps updating) until around February. That is why this book is so good, it helps you realize where some of your weaknesses stem from and why and where some of your strengths come from and why.

Not only that it demystifies the fact that your brain gets tired from over studying and the 10,000 hour rule. OK truth is I love this book and I know you’ll love it.

P.s This week I didn’t get a chance to read with you but I promise on Monday and Tuesday if you follow me on Facebook we shall be able to read together The Lean Startup and How to win at the sport of Business (quite an eye opener this one). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this link Book 4: Challenge the status quo and read with me.



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