Book 7: Challenge the status quo and read with me


Everybody starts somewhere, for me it was with Cinderella, the Three Bears and Sleeping Beauty, for some of you it is the Lean Startup, Up from Slavery, Know your worth or How to win at the sport of business. Anyway, anyhow it doesn’t matter where you start, it only matters how far you plan to go with this new habit of reading.

At the beginning of this month, some of you might have started with empty libraries but now you have a small PDF library to call your own (ain’t that cool…you can say that again 🙂  ). It all sums up to where we all started.

And in the same spirit of where you start, today I want to show you the man who started me on this Journey, some of you might know him as your Uncle, Dad, relative or former teacher—I call him my guardian angel (in terms of reading and writing). In that when I look back at my life now, I kind of believe he was supposed to be in that school at that time because I was going to be there.

Kabambwe Bernard

(Right behind him is the dormitory where he first meet me at St. Patrick Primary & Boarding School Kigulu)

This man found me, at the door way of my Primary three Dormitory in 1996, it was a Saturday, my second day in boarding school. My mom had promised she would come back for me, so I refused to go to class because I was waiting for her. The matron asked me to go to class but I refused and she called the teacher on duty.

He came by, looked at me and smiled and said come with me, your mother will be here soon. I stood up and he took my hand and led me to the school library. That was the first time I saw so many books in one place and they smelled good 🙂

I really don’t know but there is something about the smell of books that makes you forget your mother. The moment  I was given Cinderella, I was thrilled. I didn’t know how to read it then but the pictures in the book were interesting.

2 years later the same man led me back to the school library because I called Emily Yapsiwa a cheater in the dinning hall since she won all the writing challenges. Two library experiences, the same man in different sequences.

19 years later I am a writer and I dream of becoming an author, only because one man introduced me to an alternative way of finding my mother and that man is non other than Kabambwe Bernard, now the District Inspector of Schools, Iganga District.

Life is a sequence of so many things and so many things make us who we are that is why I am a true believer of the book Outliers because I am one myself. If you haven’t read that book yet follow this link Book 5: Challenge the Status Quo and Read with Me

So to sum up our reading challenge I am giving away these bonus books to spice up your small PDF book library and remember you are allowed to share and re-share these books with anyone in whichever way or format.

# Book one is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Atlas shrugged book cover

# Book 2 is The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy

Compound effect book cover

#Book 3 is Rework – Change the Way You Work Forever By Jason & David

Rework book cover

# Book 4 is Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus


I’ve had so much fun doing this challenge with you, I hope you got to know me better through the kinds of books I read and I got to know some of you better through the kinds of books you said were your favourites from the challenge.

Looking forward to next month which is tomorrow by the way 🙂 and the surprises life has in store for all of us.



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  • Anonymous
    November 12, 2022

    Thank you for your book recommendations 🙂 I saw all your articles about books and pick some awesome ones. I hope you find your next personal gem soon, as reading is such a blessing and can really change one’s life. Greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

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