You may argue about someone’s win or even say they don’t deserve it but truth is you can never win at a game you have not played or been a part of.

It is only when you take part of it, that you can know who really deserved to win when you compare your strengths to your opponents.

I will tell you a personal story of mine, when we started Flash Point (an east African Information Technology security consultancy firm) our dream was to become that newcomer into the business that got themselves big contracts like the UN mission contracts.

We were earlier on told we needed big money to enter the bidding wars for such contracts but we didn’t listen to that.

card games

Even though we were a dwarf company trying to offer our services to a multimillion organization which already had the biggest companies in the region offering them these services we didn’t falter.

With blinding faith we entered the bidding war against big time bidders who had all the money and connections to back them up in case the need arose.

But that didn’t even scare us a bit. We just went ahead to extensively read all the rules of the game and we did our best to win at this game with the limited resources that we had at our reach.

We organized ourselves and came up with a document that we considered our life time achievement considering the long hours that we put in.

This document was handled with all the care and we swept out all the grammatical errors and not until we were all satisfied with the results did we then send it in.

When it was sent in, we felt like young virgins that had faced a very public deflowering but yet a prideful one.

Even though no one including myself thought we would beat our competition, deep down I had an insatiable feeling of victory because suddenly we as a team and company had become better than we were yesterday.

We had poked the big bears and yes we poked hard they read our proposal and got back to us via email saying, “ your proposal has been received and reviewed and  we will consider your proposal next time if the person that has won the bid has failed to deliver to our expectations”. To me this was a win already.

unique game

The fact that they had even taken time to read our proposal and acknowledged receipt of it by mail was already a positive.

That was a step forward for me and my team, I asked them to gather around for us to celebrate but they didn’t see why I was happy.

We had won against all the entry barriers and fears new business owners face. I wanted to throw an office party because we deserved it for the  near win.

We were almost famous and the UN got to know of a company called Flash Point, we had broken ground in the network sphere.

Just like the saying goes experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want, we had got enough of it.

We had experience in preparing documents for bidding wars. We had played this game before therefore we knew what to bring on the pitch and what to leave off pitch.

Though we didn’t win the bid, we had enough experience to win some bidding wars and got contracts.

Today I just want to encourage you, if you are just like us, a beginner in the industry and you are so hungry to prove yourself, just keep hunting, consider the expenses as game money.

If it is a job you want or client you want to bring to your company. Keep trying and don’t focus on your limitations.

People may let you down, they might promise to make it happen for you and fail. Just don’t rely on them because they don’t want it as bad as you want it. This is your game just play it to the best of your abilities.

Till next time

Jaluum Herberts is the C.E.O of Flash Point an east African Information Technology Consultancy firm. He is also a co founder at YOUNG TREPS a global forum that focuses on helping the youth on their entrepreneurial voyage from brilliant ideas and start ups to financially profitable and prosperous companies/businesses.

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