Career Lessons from the State of the Nation Address


Today the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has addressed the Nation as part of his constitutional requirement as President of Uganda. And from what he had to say I drew out a couple of Career lessons from the techniques they have used to stir the will in achieving certain goals for the Nation of Uganda.

These lessons will definitely come in handy in your career life and business life. Enjoy


If you try to be everywhere, you’ll end up nowhere: The President says that before 2006, they used to put money in every Ministry equally but with time they realized they were not making any progress. So they decided to concentrate on a Ministry at a time.

That formula has seen them reach their goals in the Ministry of Works and other Ministries. So whatever you want to achieve or do, it is important to concentrate on one skill or product at a time to achieve great success.

Don’t spend money on consumption, spend it on infrastructure: Infrastructure makes more money for consumption than consumption does for infrastructure. So if you are a salary earner or you earn in dividends deny yourself expenditure on consumption or elsewhere, where it is not productive and invest it in infrastructure and a project that will make you more money.


If you find bumps in the road, appoint a judicial committee of inquiry: When the President was being driven through Nebbi his convey was met with a lot of pot holes and bumps that it disturbed his sleep. So he is planning to appoint a judicial committee of inquiry on who mismanaged the funds allocated to the construction of that road.

With that in mind, whenever you find a road block or a challenge on your way to success, appoint your very own judicial committee of inquiry so that you solve the problem from various angles instead of trying to solve it on your own and from one perspective.

Don’t ask right people the wrong questions: The President says that when he finds scientists who come up with formulas to solve our problems, parliament committees request them to draft economic strategies for the formulas. Scientists are not supposed to find the economic solutions of a formula they are supposed to come up with a scientific method in which it works not the economic; economics is the work of the Economist he says.

So if you are a scientist, economist or writer sometimes it is not intelligent to come up with all the solutions ask the people who are qualified to do so. And also if you are trying to find a solution or looking for advice it is important that you ask the right people for it other than asking the right people wrong questions.


Don’t be scared to adjust to new methods of operation: The President says the Police use very old methods of investigation and interrogation. When a crime is committed they ask eye witnesses to recollect what they saw, where they were standing when the crime was taking place and etcetera but that culture is about to end for them because he wants to add some technology into their operations.

So when the opportunity avails itself for you to transfer from old methods to hi-tech, embrace the change, it will make your work easy and efficient.

If you can’t get money for a project present it as a regional goal: when you fail to get money to construct a major road, present it as a regional goal. When the President failed to raise money to construct some roads he went to the regional committee and presented them the idea of constructing the said roads as opening up the Country through accessible routes to Kenya and he was awarded the money on that premise.

What goal do you want to achieve? Have you failed to achieve it? May be it is time to present it as a regional goal to your investors.


Struggle for economic emancipation not slavery: He says that in the past copper was exported from Kilembe because there was no viable knowledge on its uses. But with the opening up of the Kilembe mines, the President says it will help improve the Lugazi Cable Company and other companies that manufacture copper based products.

So whatever skill you have and have been exchanging for money, it is time to think about your economic emancipation by finding viable ways on how to use it to build a company or an organization that could employ your skills fully for the betterment of the Country but also for your bank account.

Keep note of your success stories: Lastly keep note of your success stories and share them with whoever cares to listen because they’ll chronicle more success stories for you.

I hope the President has been of help to you like he has been to me.




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