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I don’t know about you but as for me, I love to hate love. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world but it’s a huge distraction when it comes to concentrating at work. I know it gets easy when the relationship grows past the first 6 months or even 8 months but the first months are so hard to go through.

Your mind is always messed up, reminding you of all the silly conversations you had last night or in the morning and the silly text and pictures and gifts.

lover work

It’s just like a state of addiction, you tend to want more and more of the person you love ( and who by the way is 75% water) that alone should be a turn off but not with love it makes the 8 to 5pm time work frame seem like a month’s wait.

You just never get any work really done; in fact being at work in that state is like going to a day care centre for people with fantasizing problems. It’s so frustrating and yet it makes you so helpless you can’t control yourself. This syndrome affects women more than it does men.

True story even the strongest, career focused, all about the money kind of woman gets distracted when in love. I think bosses should give a “love leave” for at least two months or three like they do for maternity leave and let cupids victims get used to the addiction before getting back to work because then it becomes more productive having a love stricken person at work than having them there when the arrow is fresh in their hearts.

I think having workers who are freshly love stricken at work should be given more attention by managers because the subject alone has helped keep the music industry alive worldwide for decades.

lovers at work

It should be taken seriously since it affects 70% of its victim’s work ethic. My former Editor used to say, “I would rather have an amateur Reporter working for me than have a love stricken Senior Reporter”. With the amateur the stories will come through on time but the love stricken Senior Reporter will always keep promising without delivering.

In men this syndrome may appear in a few cases but most men are able to tune out the noise and focus on work than a woman in love. The women are mainly distracted when in love because as women, we have nothing to prove, men have everything to prove. A man will approach his love interest make his feelings known and proceed to work because he has to have enough money to prove to the woman that he can provide for her.

All a woman has to do is be in love, look good and smile…she doesn’t have to buy anything (unless you are a feminist) that is to say but most of us buy nothing. You spend endless hours thinking about how he is feeling, whether he has eaten or not and whether he is thinking about you.

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Seriously!! Love sucks when it turns me into the above (it happens to most women I know). I want to be in love and still remain my strong dominating self, not a sheep. I want to love someone without being so vulnerable. I want to be in love and keep the obvious out of it, where everyone looks at the two of you and they are like, “you are in love with him…I see the way you look at him or I see the way he holds your hand or the way he talks to you…argha. I want to love someone but at the same time keep my sanity, I hate the mental takeovers.

But I guess this is just life. I haven’t come up with coping mechanisms but when I do I will definitely be sharing but for now since it is the month of love all I could do was wonder, why love is so distracting?

If you have some experience on how to cope with the distraction and get the work done, you can share with me in the comments below.




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  • Mikayla
    February 7, 2021

    I am a college student and newly in love, and I can absolutely say that combined with staying at home because of the pandemic, I have never felt so distracted and unable to get my studying done. It is really annoying, and while I love my partner to pieces I really wish it would stop me from being productive.
    Do you really think that men do not suffer from this at all? I envy them if true. I always like to think of myself as just as capable of anything as men, but not all biological differences are easy to overcome, if this really is one of them.


  • Brianna
    January 24, 2022

    Great and funny article, with novel points.

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