Why I celebrate Independence starting from 1988


I don’t have much to say about Uganda’s Independence because it was attained in 1962 and I was born in 1988. But I celebrate every Independent thing that happened to Uganda from the time I was born up until now.

polio pic

I want to celebrate every single child that survived polio in my time and those who have managed to move forward with its effects. You guys are truly Independent from this disease. Today I don’t have to worry about having to see my children get crippled by this disease.

It is because Uganda has given me this privilege by kicking Polio out of Uganda. Now no child has to face the demise of staying at home because they can’t walk to school or write because polio crippled them.


I celebrate every child that survived measles and chicken pox, guys we made it from those deadly diseases. If you are from my time you need to celebrate the fact that Uganda managed to kick these three diseases off the list of the six killer diseases.

I celebrate every single person that is living with HIV/AIDS today but took their first dose of ARV’s in 1995 when government brought in the first treatment and a dose cost 1.5 million a month. I also celebrate those that survived on Dr. Saali’s herbal concoctions you guys gained Independence from this monstrous Zoonotic disease.

Now people receive free ARV’s, all they have to do is go to any nearby Health Centre and they’ll get their first dose.


I celebrate every single child that sought Independence from their mothers by surviving Mother to Child HIV/AIDs Transmission before PMTC (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) treatment ever made its way to Uganda.

Every single midwife that made it possible by tightening the placenta so that the blood didn’t flow back into the child through the umbilical cord you guys are true heroes.

To those that didn’t survive the infection but are still here cuddles to you too, you have surpassed the limits of this crippling prejudiced disease.


I celebrate every single Ugandan that is not scared of being around people with HIV/AIDS hey; the 80’s were very bad times full of fear and ignorance. We should celebrate awareness that helped us gain Independence over our consciences.

I celebrate those victims that survived prejudice; you guys made a difference and paved a way for equal rights and HIV/AIDS ambassadors all over the Country. You created jobs that didn’t exist before like HIV/AIDs Counselors, different NGO’s sprung up to help in creating awareness and giving support to sufferers, we owe it to you for employing most Ugandans.

malaria net

I celebrate every orphaned child who has survived after losing parents to the NRA war, LRA war, HIV/AIDS, Cholera, Ebola, Maternal Mortality, Malaria and Child birth related complications. You my friend have made it if you are reading this, you are Independent.

I celebrate every Ugandan that survived Ebola and Cholera; we are making head way in the Health sector now the greating ‘kabonge Kko” is irrelevant thanks to them.

I celebrate every single mother and father that embraced family planning, you people gave us a chance to be born in small families where every child received parental attention and got everything we needed because you could afford raising us…cuddles to my mother.


I celebrate every single Ugandan youth of my time who passed via free Ugandan Primary Education (UPE); you truly sought Independence over ignorance. You may not be able to get a job were a degree or diploma is required but you my friend can speak some English and even write, you have locked out Ignorance–you are an Independent Ugandan.

I celebrate every single media house that cropped up and sought Independence over the monopoly of Radio one and UTV. You guys opened our eyes to a diverse world and a bigger Uganda.

I can’t even try to forget the coming of the internet because am using it to post this story, we are limitless with it. No one can stop the flow of information in any way with it because it gives us the power to be whatever we can possibly imagine.

Finally I want to celebrate the peace and freedom I have in my Country and I couldn’t possibly want to be born anywhere else.

Happy 52nd Independence to you all.

What are you celebrating this Independence, share with me in the comments.



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