Challenge the status quo and read with me


Hi everyone I’m back and really excited to talk to you.

Sarah Namulondo (2)

Hopefully I will literally be seeing some of you, anyway for the past few months a lot has been going on in my life, I guess the same has been happening in yours.

I have answered some big questions in my life and still have other questions still hanging. But the best part about this month of November is—y’all are going to do something with me in real time.

But before I tell you what it is, I want to first let you know about my motive for doing what I want you to do with me.

I am so bugged and irritated when I hear people belt out statements like, ‘If you want to hide something from an African put it in a book’, or ‘Ugandans don’t read’. I know there is a certain level of truth in this but I feel challenged to change this phenomenon. You must note I do know a lot of Ugandans who do actually read but I can’t say much for the remaining masses.


So in honour of challenging these two wicked statements against our kind, I challenge you to read with me this entire month of November. I have a wide range of books selected, wide range of topics and here is the bummer, I haven’t  read any of these books that is why am calling this the read with me November.

Now here are some of the rules:

#1 I am quite a fast reader I can read a book a day but since some of you will be creating this new reading habit you can take a week. But on my end I will be sharing a new book after every two days.

You must also give you full control on the sharing and re-sharing with your friends and if they have read and enjoyed the book they are free to pass it on alongside the hashtag #readwithmenovember.

For now I must say enjoy and lets challenge the status quo together.

Here is the link to the first book it is a career book…enjoy yourselves.


Book image




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