The colonization of your mind


This is how this story always begins;

They started out so hungry, so a live and the purpose was to achieve their dreams, no plan B’s just plan A and as the sun shines on, on the horizon throughout the day, their sweat starts to make their focus blurry and they can’t see ahead as clearly as they did in the beginning.


As their bodies shine with zeal, they went about their dreams attempt after attempt getting knocked down several times but they couldn’t give in.

And then finally they got hit harder than before, they couldn’t stomach it, even if they tried to get up they couldn’t, because somehow they had dried up with the struggle of their many failed attempts.

Stressed out about their tomorrow and what they couldn’t touch in their present, they swung side by side in their chairs and subjected themselves to the unwanted colonialist.

With hands covering face, tears falling down in awe of their greatest defense, failure had continuously knocked them down. They think it is by offense but they still hunger to get on the other side of their dreams.

That is the daily struggle of a dreamer’s mind locked away in the trap of working 9 to 5pm and still wonders why their dreams aren’t paying off, why they aren’t succeeding and why it is not happening yet like they hoped it would.


What they didn’t understand about colonialists is, they make it hard for you to achieve your personal dreams while you labour away during day trying to help them achieve their own dreams. That is how your mind started to get colonized and with societies beliefs and norms you are bound to become their slave.

They tell you to build another man’s empire above your own, strategizing for his growth and in return all you receive is money, not your dreams. You receive money to facilitate your presence and welbeing at his company in order to accomplish his dream.

Every time you receive the money, the excitement fades as fast as it came by, because you still feel the emptiness, the hunger and the pain of creative starvation. But silently you tell yourself “I have nothing to do” because you’re not willing to go through some discomforts to see to it that your dream is achieved, because you feel trapped in a place of need and not want.

mind colony

You helplessly blame the government, your upbringing, the economy anyone else but you for what is not happening in your life.

But how in heaven do you expect the government to facilitating growth in the Country when you, our own entrepreneur, dreamer and gifted person is locked away in a societal prison trying to fulfill society’s myth by following the rules?

Rules society itself doesn’t follow because they know they have no control over anything and they know it so they set up rules to trap the gullible into thinking society has power over them.

Before they even question it, they just believe everything they’ve been told and never learn a thing from their own nature because their nature has betrayed society many times and no one punishes it for doing so.

When you breathe society has no control over that, it has no control over your death, they can’t control when you laugh or cry, when you use the bathroom or not, when you fall in love or not, when you want to have sex or not. Nature just clearly undermines society and society knows it, that’s why they set up rules for you because they feel insecure not to have some sort of control over you.

open mind

Think about it, if your nature defies societies rules, why then listen to someone who’s telling you to fear achieving your dreams, dreams you weren’t afraid to dream up, why should you listen to someone who tells you mental slavery/colonization (read employment) is the only way to survive in life, who has a right to tell you you’re not good enough or you can’t start your own company without hard cash.

Just like nature rejects societies rules so should you, try and colonize your own mind daily and take your power back. Refuse to listen and believe what you are told because if that is all life has to offer, then there is nothing to look forward to.

I like Lil Kim’s song, put your lighters up, the part where she says, “I come from Bedstuy, Nigga’s either gonna get it or they gonna die”.

These are the times we are in, you’re either going to get it or you are going to die that’s it don’t expect anyone to get it for you, just expect to die if you don’t get it for yourself.

That is the story of our lives, the life we live in. So which part of life do you live in?

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