Dear Aid funders drop the paper bead crap and teach us real shit.


I don’t know why every women emancipation initiative has a white paper bead teacher popping out from every angle.


I am not dicing the paper beads, in fact I love them so much I know how to make them too.


But as a woman I feel deeply insulted because white volunteers fly over several oceans to come here and teach us how to make paper beads, use sewing machines and make table clothes.


This is all good to some extent but it doesn’t cut it fast with economic growth.


I just wish you still had the same zeal for Africans like you did back then with your missionary work.


You made us believe in a God we didn’t know and believed so much we were martyred for him but you weren’t.


You took your missionary work too seriously, Father Mapera learnt Luganda just to connect with his congregation.


If you did this today you would know making fashionable necklaces isn’t the biggest need of the people in Karamoja.


These humans were born with the crafting genes in them they don’t need an American or European bead maker to teach them their tradition.


They need to learn how to purify the water they get from streams.


Having 1000 PRDP women passed out from a certain projects as paper bead makers is an amazing thing but they don’t have any idea about nutrition.


Teach them that, so we can curb manageable diseases caused by malnutrition like nodding disease.


Teach them basic health care methods because apparently the next Health Centre II is 25km away from their homes.


Don’t give us funds for free mosquito nets and have your young scientists experiment with hybrid mosquitoes that are presumed to wipe out the anopheles mosquitoes.


Give us the technology to do that, empower us to carry out that scientific research because that is an African problem let us solve it.


Please don’t insult us by surprising us with your new scientific discoveries that solve African problems and when we cannot afford them you put our failure on the world stage by donating to us the technology.


Bring in teams of engineers who will teach our young engineers how to make better roads, dams, rail ways, cars and aero planes.


Experts to teach us how to purify our oil, improve our human resource, smelt our gold and make beautiful jewels.


Teach us how to make guns, bombs and aero drones because apparently insurgence is the face of most African Countries.


Bring in medical specialists and take them to secondary schools or even village groups teach the mothers and girls how to assist in delivering babies/Midwifery.


This skill is much needed in reducing maternal and child mortality rates. With that skill we can be able to meet the 2015 MDG goals.


If we can contain that, your AID budget will surely go down because a pregnant mother’s worry will only be to go for antenatal care.


Bbut whenever her water breaks her daughter or neighbor can assist in delivering that baby anywhere and incase there is need to go to hospital that is when the mother is moved.


Teach us how to make world class vaccines, how to conduct medical research, agricultural research.


Teach us how to make software that is beneficial to our Countries.


I appreciate the free mosquito nets and ARV’s but should our children’s generation go through this too or should there be some substantive change.


I don’t know an economy that has grown from paper bead making but if you do know of any, give us a model Country to mold after and grow Uganda too.



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  • Mugerwa
    September 4, 2014

    Tell them

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