why I don’t like exercise buddy’s


As someone who commits 100% to taking care of my body, I have never understood why trainers emphasis that 50% of ones commitment to daily workout sessions is if they have exercise buddy’s, I have found the statistic very disappointing on my part.


May be I choose the wrong buddy’s or it’s just about me and how far am willing to go that makes my buddy’s chill out a bit.

But exercise buddy’s have been too much of a disappointment to me;

When you feel so excited to go tame the beast (body work out), they will feel like not coming a long and you’ll have to spend 30mins or close to an hour just encouraging them and telling them the benefits of the jog or exercise to there body.

By the time you really get around to doing it you are chasing time as opposed to enjoying the work out sessions because you spent hours or minutes in irrelevant counseling sessions.

rain jog

When it rains they will come up with all shoddy excuses as to why they can’t make it and to be honest there is nothing more fun like jogging in the rain.

Fantastic feeling there but you can never convince a buddy who won’t allow. So chances are you’ll ditch the work out and wait for favourable weather because you are used to having people around when you are exercising-wrong move there.

When I commit to being healthy I go all the way whether people are watching me or not. Whether it rains for a week or a month non stop if my routine involves taking a jog I will go out and jog, not for the love of it but for the commitment I made to myself.


Some people are babies even when they get a simple flu, they will not come a long and yet its just a flu not your legs or arms its just a flu. Even when I am really sick, if I gain some energy and feel like I can handle my 4km daily quota I will head out and jog although some times on those days my sneakers tend to disappear.

When you want to add a new milestone to your daily quota like adding one more kilometer your work out buddy might be burned out and can’t go any further you’ll be forced to push it till you can achieve that together. You’ll need to forgive me but in most aspects of my life I have been let down with that thing called team work.

Some won’t even be ashamed to tell you, I have muscle pull yet they know what cures muscle pull is to actually go back and go harder. You can call me mean, selfish or very arrogant but exercise buddy’s are let downs and they are not even supposed to exist.


Exercise is supposed to be therapeutic and a moment for emotional cleansing, I don’t think you can capably gain from it in that form if you take some one a long. They will walk allover your mind with there words and you won’t get a chance to communicate with your body as it stretches and grows beyond its capability

As you are out there jogging or in the gym working out its a chance to connect with the gods and listen to yourself from the very core of your body as you are working this body that was given to you. I can tell you its a very nice feeling.

What do you think about exercise buddy’s, leave a comment?



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