You don’t need a diet, you need new habits


Quite often when people start out on a fitness plan all you hear about is you need to get on this  diet or you need to get on the other diet. But I believe that is a wrong concept.I have tried out all that advise and it all  failed on several attempts until I discovered my own formula.

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Now whenever I want to lose weight I condition my mind to look at exercise as a means to a healthy lifestyle as opposed to looking at it as a solution to a weight problem.

Exercise is something that we need, not something that we should force on ourselves. I believe you have noticed that most people who start out with the concept of using exercises as a means to lose weight either gain back the weight as first as they lost it or fall out on the routine because it deprives them.


That is why I am telling you to eat whatever you want for 3 months a long side exercising. You might say, well Sarah, I am trying to lose weight here, yes I know. I hope you also know that it takes someone  40 days to create new habits and 60 days to make them stick.

3 months is enough time for you to make them stick. You won’t even notice it but after those  3 months of daily exercise you’ll catch yourself cutting out some foods unknowingly because the habit will be finally taking over.

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And chances are you’ll stick to that exercise routine for many years to come just like me. The moment I changed how I quantified my weight with the number of days I worked out, I became free to stretch my character as far as I could to gain healthy habits and that didn’t happen in one night. It took time because it would be so vain of me to imagine losing weight that took me 6 months to gain in 2 weeks.

So if you are out there and someone is trying to put you on a diet and encouraging you to skip meals, don’t follow that advise instead try hard to make new healthy habits.

What personal exercise formula do you follow, share with me in the comments









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