Are you an employee or freelancer, get yourself a lawyer


However small the dealing is, my advice is get yourself a lawyer, get a lawyer and get a lawyer. It is much cheaper to pay for legal consultation than it is to pay for legal battles.

It is much cheaper to pay for a lawyer’s time to analyze your contracts than it is to bribe the Police and the Judge. Everyone will name their price except you. You will be at a disadvantage 2 out of 3 times.

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This week on Tuesday I had to deal with this reality after seeking legal advice over a deal gone bad. It was very disheartening to hear from a legal perspective that my interpretation of the English language was inept in terms of legal matters.

I signed a contract I thought I understood thoroughly only to find out my claims for wanting to sue had been agreed upon by me the time I signed the contract.


I said, wait a minute Sir!! I think you don’t know who you are talking to…I do have a great grasp of the queen’s language. And he asked me what my level of education was; I told him I had a degree in Environmental Management.

Then he said, don’t you see a problem there Sarah, hastily I said no. Then he told me, I had no degree in Law. No matter how smart I am or intelligent I cannot comprehend legal lingual and interpret it without help. That is the reason to why the companies we work for have lawyers and legal advisers.


That’s when I realized I had made a mistake. He told me, elites have the tendency of thinking they know it all and can bribe or sue their way out of any situation gone badly. But yet it is so cheap to pay for legal advice than it is to pay for legal battles.

In legal battles you lose out on time, emotional stress and financial strain and yet, legal consultation goes from 50,000/= to 100,000/= or even more but it doesn’t go beyond a million. And yet legal battles can go for more than 5million shillings for legal fees only and you get to pay more 100,000/= or more to the lawyer every time court seats, so you do the math.

Anyway his advice was helpful and he helped me find cheaper ways of dealing with my contract gone bad and I did get myself a Lawyer out of him. I am hoping this contract won’t leave a bad taste in my mouth but for now it is what it is till then.








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