Everybody needs somebody who believes in them


Whether it is a cat or a dog or even the person reading this, you work best when you have someone who believes in you. All my life I have felt privileged, not because I could get what I wanted, how I wanted it, when I wanted it and in the amounts I wanted it, but because I have had people who believe that I can be better than I am.


People who believe I deserve more than I ask for, people who support my dreams and those that I have not dreamt of. People who empower me and help me develop my character and those who just put everything aside and read this blog daily…I am privileged to have you.

Lately I have been sick and couldn’t write anything but you, you came through for me. I could see and feel your commitment to me daily, miles away from your screens. My stat counter spoke volumes about how you feel about me. Every single minute I checked it, the numbers were raising and deep down I knew I had done nothing to deserve it. But you came through daily and showed me, I deserved it and that you believed in me.

You gave me the courage to try my best last week and I produced for you the state of Nation story amidst a lot of pain and headache. Thank you so much because you make me a superstar even when I am so frail. You’ve become something I live for; you are what I need in my life daily because you make me realize I can be better than I was yesterday.

You make me realize I was not made for mediocrity and at the end of the day when I am journaling, I always tell myself I don’t mind dying tonight because deep down I feel a satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment that is quite unexplainable because I get to be of value to you daily.


I have missed that; I have missed desiring to die daily for the past week and a couple of days. I have missed writing and sharing my discoveries about life and career with you. I have missed the panic I get when I have mis-spelt a word or misused a word after I hit publish. I have missed selecting and editing pictures that speak a thousand words. I have missed coming up with hundreds of story ideas and ending up writing something totally different from what I planned to write earlier.

I have missed you so much and I know you missed me too, so today if you have someone in your life that is feeling a bit down or not quite up to it, remind them that you value them and believe in their dreams and fears equally. Since sometimes understanding someone’s fears is much more empowering than trying to abate them.

Call up someone and show them the love and commitment you have shown me. Throw in a couple of empowering compliments and make them laugh. Listen to their problems and don’t interrupt them or even advise them unless they ask for it. Visit that sick friend or relative and take time to just get to know their inner most fears.

They deserve it and you deserve it because you get to sleep empty and ready to die like I always do. Open yourselves up and let in some strangers and stop feeling strange about it already 🙂 . Life is funny, it’s happy; it’s wonderful and easy when we have someone who believes in us.

Can I have some believers in the building (Can I hear an Amen sisters).

Thank you for believing in me.







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