Exercise your way into a promotion


Having a successful career is an amazing thing but things might start to fall apart as your body goes out of control. As much as you want to deny it, being overweight can have its toll on your emotions which in the end will affect your career progress.

But before I delve into the benefits of exercise; I want you to remember when you’re fit, everything fits ind of course promotions.


Exercising does much more than you can imagine:

In this competitive career world, exercising will increase your tenacity to compete fairly. When you exercise your mind is conditioned to compete against your weight thus creating a “compete against yourself system other than competing against others mentality” which is unhealthy.
It stirs the brain to fight fear because in exercise the more you practice the more you become a master. A technique if carried to your career life will help you get up the career ladder without insecurities.


Exercising increases body energy which helps in finishing tasks quickly and tirelessly leaving you with its constant feel good effect.

For beginners a few inhales and exhales in the morning before going to work can work miracles since the action drives more oxygen to the brain which wires it to new creative ideas.

Share with us what your morning exercise routine is like and you will be the first to share our member spotlight opportunity on our website.


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  • jonathan byakatonda
    September 7, 2014

    am learning from your fitness part it clears the mind

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