Forget self employment give me a job


Self employment is a myth, it doesn’t exist. In reality all of us need jobs, musician, writer, poet, industrialist, doctor, nurse, teacher, police officer, judge and driver we are all employing our skills and getting paid by someone.

feat jobs

I just really hate the fact that we have these supposed ‘self made’ rich people coming out and telling young people that, ‘if you are self employed you don’t work for anyone’. “You are your own boss and you answer to no one” they say. No wonder, most start-ups that are run by young people don’t survive past one year or two.

It is this mental conditioning that makes young people get it all wrong. Young entrepreneur, you have a burning desire to change the world with your idea. You quit your job for it and then spend endless hours trying to develop that idea. Even when everyone else  is sleeping you slave away in the hopes of turning your idea into reality. But then you keep this sordid notion that you don’t work for anyone. Yet you spend endless hours trying to market the same product to someone.

Why? Why are you doing that in the first place? Because in reality you employed your expertise to produce a product that would change people’s lives and so you employ yourself to the cause of changing their lives with your idea and they pay you for that. That is why self employment is myth.


You need as many jobs as there are, you need as many customers as you can take on and as many contracts as you need because that helps cut your marketing budget in half. You have to be consistent, keep your work ethic a notch higher than it was when you were working from 8am to 5pm. Produce quality because a product that is below quality is an insult to the clients time and money.

Don’t copy the Chinese; be better than the Chinese. Be so Ugandan that we can’t ignore your product. Even if you employ 5000 people and have 2 outlets or more outlets across the country, the truth is, those 5000 people and you, are working for someone and getting paid by the person who uses your product.

myth feat

You are not self employed you are using your ideas and expertise to get paid by many people who buy into your idea and now instead of having one boss who pays you for your work, you have many bosses (customers or clients) paying you for your work and ideas.

Young Entrepreneur, forget self employment, you need a job, you need a contract and you need clients and customers to be able to grow your idea or dream. Forget the self employment façade, you work for someone.

And once you put that at the back of your mind, you’ll be surprised how consistent and improved your product and services will be. You may want to counter this but well this is Sarah’s-Osophy, what is your philosophy?




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