4 Tips on Job Hunting Etiquette


What kind of job hunting style are you following to navigate this crowded job market?Are you a job hunter, a job beggar, a job pauper or a skills provider? In recent years employers have started looking at job seekers as beggars with the increasing supply of labour in the Country.

But the above perception shouldn’t make you a victim of circumstances. Here are some tips you can use to get your dream job as a skills provider.


Respect your time: You don’t have to go for all advertised interviews.  Seat down and disseminate what kind of career you want to pursue, the skills and talents you want to hone before sending out your C.V then later on go for the interview.  This will save you a lot of time and money.

Plus, don’t entertain late coming on the part of the interviewers because time is also your resource that you would have used for constructive thinking and self development.  So if they come in late make it known to them and be abstinate about it.

Tell them you’re there to provide a skill not to waste time. With such an attitude you will be taken seriously and considered for the placement. But remember being bold or confident is different from being arrogant and nasty.


Don’t under value yourself: If you want to earn 1million Uganda shillings, seat down and write down your goals and a work plan to help that company get more money so that they can pay you the amount of money you want and ensure to execute your plan so that you can be able to start with a salary you want and a position you deserve.

Always know your worth and what it adds to the company you applied to in terms of  value addition and career development. To clearly understand this, let’s look at entertainers, you push through queues and pay for shows but they won’t even talk to you. The fact remains by paying for their show you keep them out there but why they are able to do that is because they can do something you can’t do.

That is the same reason companies recruit. They can’t do what they are recruiting you to do but instead you appear as a job pauper not a skills provider like entertainers.


Become an entrepreneur: The word entrepreneurship is one that has been possessed by the business world but always remember your university degree is capital enough to sale in the job market. Sharpen your ideas and create jobs or positions in the company of your interest.

To efficiently do this, you have to first research the company, who its customers are, what they are currently buying from them and how long has the company changed these products or re-branded. So come up with bankable that will help you get noticed by your would be employer. Solve their problems during your interview instead of asking to be part of their team.


Become an interview room giant not a midget: This can only be achieved by asking your interviewers what their company’s vision is, mission and goals to see if they match up your own expectations. Don’t accept work because they are offering you a placement but be able to look out for whether the company fits your personal ethics and vision.

It’s very wrong to be part of a vision you don’t understand or feel part of. It will be hard for you to develop your career  and growth.

That’s  all I had for you today, I would love to hear what your job hunting etiquette is so share with me in the comments below.



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