Hey! You think you’ve had a bad day at work?


That was me one year back always frustrating over what did or didn’t happen at work. Picture this, one time I had an appointment to interview the Chinese Ambassador about a story I was writing about the Chinese President’s visit to Africa and what his exclusion of Uganda meant.

I got heads up from secretary Wan that they would be ready for me on Tuesday got there on time 9:00am sharp but their security detail said they didn’t know about my meeting.

bad day at work

I made countless calls to secretary Wan, picked all of them said he was going to talk to the security guys but from the look of things he might have told them contrary to what he told me. They left me out getting grilled by the morning sun.

Got so frustrated and started cursing my day. Decided to go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to find the minister of Internal Affairs and I got held back by the Receptionist for over an hour and it just didn’t matter how many times I flashed my ID around. It just didn’t work.

They finally let me through and the Permanent Secretary directed me to their information officer who he knew was out of office. I spent 10minutes banging at an empty office my hands started hurting. So I decided to go back to the Permanent secretary who sent me on another goose chase to the office of the manager of Asian Affairs. Reached there and met the most rigid human being I have ever met in my entire life.

Prior to my appointment I sent an email which stipulated the purpose of my visit and had copied him in the email but he asked me to go get him a photo copy of the email, as if he wanted me to prove I wasn’t a fraud. I flashed around my smart phone asking him to read it there but he refused. I had to get on a boda boda to go photocopy it.

crazy bad

To cut the long story short got back and it was lunch, he had to step out. I waited it out and he came back at around 3pm and informed me he was leaving for a meeting. I handed him the photocopied email which he threw in his trash can while I watched.

That’s when I felt the first sting of tears trying to push against my iris. I sniffed them back quickly to erase any form of weakness. Thanked him for his time with a smile I don’t know whether it was fake or not and walked away only to run into the Minister of Internal Affairs at the stairs showcasing to the press the cars that the South Korean government had donated to them with a couple of computers.

Everyone was given a privilege to ask questions and when I finally had the opportunity I muttered under my breathe, oh thank god this has saved the day.

And so I went, “ Uh excuse me Honorable Minister, what do you think about Xi Jinping’s visit to Africa and what are the implications of his exclusion of Uganda off of the Countries he choose to visit?”

The minister looked at me shook his head and he was like, China is our friend but if they are choosing to visit Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa what’s that got to do with us. By the way why are you reading too much into it, are you jealous?

bad day quote

Shortly after my reply everyone around started giggling, thank god another question popped up and I had an opportunity to sneak away to the Internal Affairs bathroom, thankfully it was empty and I locked myself in and just started crying. I had hit a snag. How could one human being’s day just get that bad, let me hope it wasn’t a matter of selection. I had spent the whole day trying to chase dead end after dead end.

It was a very sad day, went back to work and I was asked for the story and I had none, whole day gone to waste. Then I told myself, the minister might have been wrong or right. Which Ugandan cared whether Xi Jinping showed up or not?

It was only me who cared enough because I would receive another 150,000/= from the story. But what difference would it make in anyone’s life, may be it would, but certainly following that story just made me so sad.

I beat myself up so much and then I realized I wasn’t having a bad day at work, I was just so unfortunate to meet bad people on that day. And those mean asses all of them just helped me understand the difference.

So are you having a bad day at work, put it in perspective who did you really meet at work today.



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