How I have Survived Unemployment for 410 Days


As a new unemployed former employee I suggest you celebrate being unemployed because it will offer you the biggest opportunities in life.

I like to quote a scene in the biography Jobs where Ashton Kutcher who acted as Steve Jobs fired the entire board and got down to Mike…he pushed an envelope in front of him, Mike looked at him and asked “what is this?”…Jobs replied “I’m offering you an opportunity..take the parachute it’s more than enough”.

But Mike acted like most of us would do, he complained about being too old to find a job or an opportunity at his age. I know most of you might want to disagree with the celebrate it part but getting fired and being unemployed can really shake up you’re entire life. it’s like one of those accidents that hit you off balance and it gets harder to get back on course therefore it is very important to celebrate it, be happy before the pain and sometimes depression sets in.

My name is Sarah Namulondo and I have been unemployed for 410 days as of today. On June 7th 2013, I left the Independent Magazine as a reporter/writer. The first days as a free bird offered me a sense of euphoria, in fact the song “Young, Wild and Free” sums up what I really felt at the time.

I Celebrated my unemployment nonstop for two months. I spent money and time on celebrating my freedom, the opportunities that lay ahead. Got so excited that my best friend Duncan admired me so much he quit two weeks after I had quit my job. We both had dreams and ambitions of our own but just wanted to unwind from the whole daily work routine of 8 to 5pm.

We went to every single beach there is in Entebbe, dined at Jazzville,Gattomato, had lunch Nakumatt food court and ate all there was left of boneless chicken to find out whether it truly had no bones. Went to club venom and just danced it out and am telling you till this day the memories I got from that time are so priceless you can never underestimate the values happiness brings.

What am trying to say is, don’t sulk up back home get out and have fun, scream if that’s what you want to do, cry as hard as you want, vent so hard it will blow off the roof, go to an amusement park and do everything that’s silly so as to amuse yourself. Visit a new place, go out and take a nice cup of coffee, bask in the sun and let nature lead you to self discovery and personal growth because you have to really be empty to fill up again.

(This is an excerpt from my upcoming book titled “How i survived unemployment for 410 days” be sure to watch the space for the publishing date)




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