How to get the best recommendation from your internship


As an intern it is very important for you to be serious about your career and asking for a personal recommendation letter from your supervisors is one of them.

Recommendation letters are good for very many things and in this crowded job market they come in handy. But getting the best recommendation letter from your busy Supervisor can be a hurdle.

So below I have listed for you the things that are needed to help you grab the attention of your Supervisor and get him/her to write you a personal recommendation.


Write down your Career goals: Having a list of your career goals will help your supervisor understand the direction you want to take in your career and help him/her write for you the kind of recommendation letter that would suit your career journey.

Make a list of projects you have participated in: Having a list of the projects you have participated in helps him/her write down the skill set you have attained from the various projects that you have listed.

Make a list of your accomplishments: Writing down a list of your accomplishments helps Supervisor set a note on the kind of employee you are but also the level of work ethic you exhibited at your internship. This amongst all is the most important part of your recommendation because at every job interview you are asked to describe the kind of person you are on the job, what better way to do it than have someone else do it for you.


Write down any leadership position you held during the time of your internship: Having had a leadership position at your internship is a great bonus. It may be something as small as being the head of interns or anything as minute as that. What’s important is you had one and if executed well ask your supervisor to write down their two cents on your performance as a leader.

Attach your updated Resume and CV: With this you can kindly request your supervisor’s to help you tweak them since they have enough knowledge on what is needed in a Resume/CV.

And there you go; you have the perfect recommendation and the perfect Resume/CV. Now show me anyone who wouldn’t want to hire you and I come for them 😉 .



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