Today is the 12th day. It is also the 12th time I have tried to prove a couple of HR’s wrong about their denial of letting me practice as a Communications Person. I tell them…listen…please listen to me. I’m good! Very good and I have had several people hire me for that reason. I understand I’m a professional Environmentalist, I say. I understand I have gone off path. I understand it more than you.

But they keep telling me the same thing. You don’t have the right papers for the job. Some say, ‘it’ll be hard to prove to our bosses that you can handle the task unless you have the papers to prove it’. So I decide to bring Mohammad Ali to my rescue, I tell them, ‘let me show you how great I am’.

I pull out my laptop and show them example after example of past projects. They nod in excitement. My heart starts beating along their enthusiasm. My brain starts registering the phrase, I made it, clearer than before and one by one, they laugh when they read my CV, they muse over it and the vast level of experience I have but slowly by slowly I see that faint look unfold on their faces and then they humbly say, ‘sorry Sarah, you are too good a candidate, you have the right skills but you have no papers’.


Then I try to save myself, I try to make them accountable for their statements. I excuse myself for using rude language then I say almost like I’m unsure of what that statement means, ‘but didn’t you indicate in the advert that you are an equal opportunity organization?’

He/she will be in shock or anger, because of your statement. They might form a small slay smile and contritely tell you, ‘that works for the disabled and those with complicated health issues not people in your situation’.
You see HR’s are willing to hire someone with the right papers and ignore the person with the right skills for the job if they have irrelevant papers or no papers at all. This is because the HR manual or cardinal rules delegate them to put academic qualification above expertise.

You can be the most skilled Mathematician but without the right papers, you can never work as an accountant. That is pretty much how the HR mindset works and how most organizations work. So if you are like me and you are hungry to get in but have had door after door closed after you’ve expressed interest, fret not because I have the right advice for you which was given to me by the person who slammed my 12th door harder than my ears could take it.

HR selection

In her own words she said;

• Sarah, if you want to win at this game, then you’ll have to get a paper in this field or a related field to go passed the HR with your skills. Be it a certificate or diploma as long as it is a paper.

• Don’t give up: We may deny you entry with just your skills but the next organization will take you on and explore your skills and if you prove them right you’ll be worthy of the position.

• If you really desire something then you should show effort: There is no harm in you applying again, indicating your skills and at the same time indicating a course you are currently enrolled in that is in line with this job. That alone will show the HR that you are serious about this job but are also making an effort to be academically qualified for it.

Personally I took advice three at heart and I am currently enrolled in three different related courses which are crucial for the position I am seeking and I am still applying in different organizations hopefully I will be retained but for now I encourage you to try this and maybe we can be able to share in this victory together.

As always share the love by sharing this with your friends who are in the same situation like me or those that would just love to read it for just.

PS: I still feel the need to say something down here but my mind just went blank so…


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