I have been offered a course at University. What does it mean?


Last week I was asked by a young man who had just found out he was offered a course on Government sponsorship what it meant to be offered a Course at University.

At first I found the question a little bit wanting but after some thought I now see the world from his point of view. I realize this young man is watching out for himself and he is indeed looking forward to do the smart thing even though still young.

So getting into this question what does it mean to be offered a Course at University?

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Of course you have two choices either to join University and do the studying or give up on it and start a business, either way. But this is not all, when you go ahead and study this Course and get a Degree from it, your opportunities are limitless.

1. Having a University Degree puts your salary scale on another level from what diploma or certificate holders earn. This is highly put in consideration if you have great negotiating skills since most employers take advantage of fresh graduates.

2.It opens up windows for promotion since you’ll have the papers that are required except for two requirements (Masters and PHD) plus experience in your field. Besides that the sky is the limit.

3.You are free to cross from one field of expertise to another at Master’s level in case you wish to pursue a Master’s degree.

But besides the above I would like to bring to your attention some other questions you should be asking yourself.

For instance how can you apply the knowledge that you will acquire from this course to the current state of our Country?

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How many Companies, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) or Government bodies are in existence using the knowledge and skills you are acquiring?

How can the knowledge acquired from this Course help you when opening up a business of your own? Does it in itself as a course offer opportunities of self-employment? Given our current unemployment rate you should highly put this in consideration.

How can you apply your natural talents and character to being the best in your field? Ben Carson a renowned Neurosurgeon in the World said in his book Think Big that if you choose a vocation in a field that incorporates your talents and character your chances of being successful are limitless. So you might as well want to consider this before pursuing this Course.

After answering the questions above I guess you can go ahead and pursue a career out of the Course you’ve been offered. But if you are not certain take a year off and let your parents know your reasons, since it is pointless to study a Course you can not apply to your day to day life.



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