Job seekers grow the hell up!!


Seriously guys grow up!! Yesterday I was working with some firm that’s about to set up in Uganda and I happened to be around when a number of job seekers came through the door. But my!! Oh my!! There were these six characters that left me wondering whether our entire generation is this un serious.

fake lashes black lipstick

In came these three girls one of them had black lipstick, the other had a full blown cat eye and fake eye lashes and the other was wearing a necklace with the word wild hanging on it, fake nails which were fully animated and for a minute I gasped under my breathe in disbelief.

These girls were runway (modeling) ready, they weren’t fit for any administrative job but yet that is what they were aspiring for. Then along came these two boys who left me astounded. They both had unkempt hair, their underwear was everywhere and yet it was dirty (it’s so hard to imagine stained blue underpants on two boys who aren’t related) but that was the sight we were served.

One of them had a smile that gave off the idea he hadn’t brushed in two months. Half the time he tried to speak I was ducking for the window…it was such an uncomfortable sight to watch. The other was half drunk and he even made an attempt to take another swing at the water bottle he carried the waragi in, in the middle of the interview.


Fortunately the two boys were immediately thrown out and before we made peace with that idea, in came a boy who wanted the firm to facilitate his transport to work for the first month until he got his first salary because apparently his parents weren’t that generous. He went on with his pity party by saying he stayed in Mukono therefore he couldn’t afford to walk from Mukono to Kampala daily just to come to work.

When he was asked where he studied, he said he went to Makerere University. Then he was asked how he got on campus daily and he just kept quiet. It just sucked and if it were I who was doing those interviews I wouldn’t have spent more than one second talking to any of those hoodlums.

Guys every time you step into a supermarket and find a new product you will only buy it because of its packaging not because of its contents. You might have the right skills but packaging matters 100% of the time. Time and again people have talked about dress the part and at first I was like well I won’t talk about that because it has been talked about a lot.


But guys open shoes are not shoes!! Get it. Store it in your mind. Put it on your resume. Remind everyone you meet that open shoes are not shoes unless you are going to the beach or visiting your friends. That’s what open shoes are, they are not shoes! Got it!

Makeup can be a very good tool if used in moderation but you cannot wear all the newest trends in makeup artistry. In fact it is very wise to avoid lipstick but if at all you are addicted to it then don’t wear eye shadow with it on a job interview. When you use lipstick make it red although it’s advisable to just wear lip gloss on your lips. Please don’t experiment with pink, blue, green or even black lipstick.

Fake eyelashes, seriously!! That was a new addition to madness and the cat eye. My!! My!! I wouldn’t give you a job even if you wanted to be a cleaner or cook. Make up is good for your Instagram and facebook pictures but for job interviews be as nude as you can that’s the only way you’ll be taken seriously.

But when you appear all made up the interviewer imagines how much time it took you to perfect that makeup and they will assume if you get hired you’ll waste company time trying to perfect your face.


If you are to wear anything in your ears let it be ear pins not ear rings and if you are to wear ear pins don’t wear a necklace. If you are to wear a necklace don’t wear ear pins. It gives off a clean professional look.

For the guys wear a nicely ironed shirt on fitting pants and a neat belt without scratches…I know you can afford it (it’s just 5000UGX).

If you can’t maintain the hair thing guys just cut it off. If you have twa’s or what you guys call sponge dreadlocks when you go out on a job hunt, comb your hair out…the HR’s don’t understand your fashion statement and I bet your parents don’t get it either..

And boys, when going out please brush your teeth…if you can’t take care of the only job that you have which is taking care of your own body, how do you think you can be entrusted with service unto others?


If your teeth are genuinely stained because of gingivitis there are some cheap remedies to clean them up like baking powder mixed with lemon juice use it as tooth paste daily until they lose the stains or you can buy fluoride off the counter and brush those bones into submission because you can’t apologize half the time you talk to people because of a dental problem.

Now the issue of drinking, if at all you went to a bar the night before the interview or drunk some liquor on your way to the interview, don’t go anywhere close to the interviewer because chances are you won’t get that job. Nobody wants to hire an alcoholic. Even if you are not an alcoholic, you will be judged on face value. Nobody wants the office drunk even for an Askari (security guard).

Seriously if you don’t get professional at job hunting, you’ll be unemployed for a very long time. Every employer is looking to add a studdy, serious, neat person on their team not some stray dog that needs cleaning up and training. No one has that time in the corporate world.



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