Live your life in the most selfish way possible


Too often we hear things like “do it for you, live your life” and so many more quotes like that and yet we still fight hard to live for others. We fight had to fit in and don’t permit our inner most self to flourish.

One thing I have learned in life is that the world doesn’t know what it wants so it’s useless to spend my life trying to live within the whims of people who actually don’t have a clue of what it is that they want.

I remember when we were in school we all dreamed about getting the chance to see a nude Desire Luzinda. Just the site of her naked body would be satisfaction guaranteed for our young selves. Thanks to lady luck we rode our horses and some Nigerian guy made our dreams come true.

desire l

But when were granted what we had built castles over, we quickly became rabid because finally we had been confronted with our own dirty thoughts it was like the world had just exposed our thoughts.

Most people when they are confronted with their own truth it is so hard to act normally because it has been historically acclaimed that strong words indicate a weak cause and having Desire Luzinda’s nudity in public exposed not only her but our personal dirty thoughts, that is why some of us were shocked and in defense we had to abuse and tear apart that which we wished to have because somehow it made us fit what society has put up as the moral fabric we have to live by.

It was easier on our minds to grab our swords and bay for her blood than agree we enjoyed gazing at her nudity. It was easier to call her names even though we were the very people who silently wished for this day to come.

I don’t know if we were just overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing what we had hoped for or it was just too much to take in at once.


Yesterday I met up a long time facebook friend of mine and we discussed a lot of things but what really impressed me about her was her attitude to life. She didn’t care what anyone thought. Yes she was a weirdo but so what. She cared less about that.

She didn’t live to the tunes of most of societies rules but let me ask who the fu*k makes those rules? Who decides that this is right or this is wrong, who decides the way we should all think or act. Many people will call you rebellious for not following religious or cultural norms and dogma but tell me who directs how you feel? How you react or relate is born out of how you feel.

I will give you a famous example of Lady Gaga. She spent years doing music and playing piano at a bar. She was a talented pianist and great vocalist but no one paid attention to her talent. She became frustrated because no one appreciated her art.

One hot night as she played out her usual routine she decided to take off some of her clothes. When she did she was shocked to hear the crowd cheering, singing her praises. She says in her biography that it was never her intention to undress but when she did she got the attention she had been craving from the crowds that frequented that place.

People started paying a little more attention to her music and realized she could actually sing and also play the piano. She became famous too fast with her naked stunts and after doing a couple of gigs she was recognized by a record label manager who signed her up.

drake yolo

Now she is successful and famous and the same people that actually cheered her into undressing to get their attention started criticizing her and calling her all sorts of things from nudist, satanic you name it.

But what is the difference between her and the frequent beach goers who parade themselves in bikinis. Do you see how clueless the world is about what they want?

So I say to you live your life. Feel free, enjoy your experience. One of my favorite rappers of all time Eminem raps in one of his song I’m not afraid” It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me. Admittedly, I probably did it subliminally for you, so I could come back a brand new me you have seen me through and you don’t even realize what you did.”


Just do what you want to do. I will say this again, I write for me and not for anyone. I get a lot of people sending me mail saying you’re my hero; you inspire me by writing what I am going through.

I do appreciate that my life can be used as a mirror for others but trust me I don’t know you or what you’re going through. What I write is what I feel, my pains, my tears because am just as human as you are and face the same struggle like you do the only difference is, I go out to do me on a daily basis because I am not out here trying to impress or save the world.
I am out here to save my voice and save the last of my childhood dreams that certain systems had stumped out.

Who are you out here to save share with me in the comments.

Till next time



Jahluum Herberts is the C.E.O of Flash Point an east African Information Technology Consultancy firm. He is also a co founder at YOUNG TREPS a global forum that focuses on helping the youth on their entrepreneurial voyage from brilliant ideas and start ups to financially profitable and prosperous companies.

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