A love letter to Sarah


So lately I haven’t been my most confident self. I have been doubting myself a lot and that has cost me a lot of time in procrastination. This morning in search of inspiration, I decided to write some really empowering things about myself to myself and my!! You wouldn’t want to guess the effects of this love letter to myself.

I am so inspired it is overflowing that’s why I decided to share this love letter, hopefully I could help out someone that’s really been down like I have…enjoy 🙂

Hi Sarah,

By now I don’t think you know how much I love you, I wish you would know it daily. I grow so much day by day by being you. Your smile, your confidence, your belief in the most unfathomable ideas helps me get a different view on the world daily.


You have made it possible for me to see things I didn’t think I would possibly see at my age but here we are. You are my most precious vessel in the world and I wouldn’t ask God for anything more than what he put me in.

Thank you for being so strong, so independent, so obsessed with my dreams because without your character all of them would still be in the dark but somehow every single day one by one you cast in the light.

You’ve shown me how to live, how to forgive others but most of all myself, when to open them and fold them in business. You’ve helped me cry and laugh at my most stupid mistakes. It’s just so hard to believe that just yesterday I was a straggler, angry at the world and fighting everything that tried to hold me back.


You’ve seen me through the worst scenarios in my life and most of all helped me see myself through different perspectives. All I want you to know today is I appreciate your work, your focus, your relentless ability to avoid giving up even when it is the most logical decision.

I love the way you mess up and then cry about it, then advice yourself all at the same time. You are by far the only person I have met that believes in me, in the most ridiculous ways. Even when the inner critique rises above reason you seem to shutter her in stride.

I am more proud of you than you have ever imagined and if you were my child I would say you are the most amazing daughter in the world but since you are me, you are the most amazing person in the world that I would love to meet every single day of my life because you are so considerate with me, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.


I love you with everything on the inside of me and the outside of me and I pray to God daily to increase you in wisdom, in joy and in happiness so that you can be able to give freely of yourself to the world.

You are everything to me, for now and forever. Nothing can change that…I love you! Woman!!




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