How main stream media kills writers


Overall I found out that mainstream journalism crippled creativity. Somewhere somehow, you would lose the fire. The story stopped being about your creativity but about how good you appeased a specific editor’s desires.

Every editor in the newsroom has a style that appeases to them, and it came to that point where my greatness as a writer was being judged on how I appeased these specific styles.

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And the more I struggled to appease, the more I lost the love for writing. Writing became a drag, it became mechanical. It stopped being a nomadic search into the unknown but one where you had to stick to a certain direction and destination, and when you confine writing to specific boundaries, you lose the orgasms it created in you.

I knew I had to quit mainstream media sooner than later. I couldn’t stand there and see the death of my writing soul come one step at a time. Something had to be done.

I chose to become a blogger, where no one dictates my style. It all comes off very naturally, not mechanical like most articles you will read in newspapers.

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I am unapologetic about saying this; I find most newspaper articles very boring for the reader. There’s no style, no blood, they have no soul, they are lifeless articles, those that bury instead of awaken the moods.

A good article is one which you wouldn’t mind masturbating to. You can’t masturbate to most of these newspaper articles, perhaps if you were in the process of committing suicide, they would make sense.

Pablo Picasso said; “I don’t know in advance what I am going to put on canvas any more than I decide beforehand what colours I am going to use.”

And I agree with Picasso, you can’t know in advance what you are going to put on paper. Yet the writing in the mainstream media, had turned into a torturous experience for me, and I know, for many other silent writers who stick to these drudgeries in order to earn a living. This writing where you know beforehand what you are going to put in paper is the worst kind of writing you can ever chance upon.

And it’s not hard to tell which writer is mechanical and which one is not. You can know the stylish writer and the mechanical bull of a writer. Given two pieces of writings, if you find one without a life, then you’ve landed on the mechanical writer.

I am glad I chose blogging and I didn’t make the wrong choice. Writing is an expression, one without a specific goal, one without a destination, one of an adventurous soul putting pen to paper of word after word, and only realizing the magic of the works at the last sentence.


Perhaps the editors of today could learn that the mainstream media is killing more writers than it’s nurturing. Many leave the media and never write again, because the very place that’s supposed to keep their writing flames burning, is the very place that extinguishes them.

If you are experiencing writer’s block, there’s a number one chance you are now without a soul, that the reason you can’t find the words is because you are now forcing yourself upon a path that you shouldn’t take.

A real writer should never experience writer’s block; writer’s block only appears to the mechanical writers. Next time you experience writer’s block, it’s time to stop and question the path you’re on….



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