What Newton’s Laws of Motion will teach you about life


I don’t know if you have encountered some O-level physics but I happened to take physics classes for four years. That is where I encountered this old man with fluffy hair and his theories on motion.

isaac newton

  • In his first law of motion, Newton says an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force.

This law teaches us to exterminate all negative forces (self doubt, hate, jealous, fear, depression, self hate, sickness and lack of financial backing plus witchcraft if you may) that come to disrupt the course of our dreams and goals so you can remain in constant motion (read achieving your goals).

1st laws

With this understanding I knew I could take on any challenge within the writing realm and I would demolish it because I love being in constant motion (constant practice and challenging my capabilities to new levels).

For instance when Milly Katana asked me to write her biography I said sure, am well capable of taking on that task. But I didn’t know a thing about biography writing, all I knew about biographies was Richard Branson’s breaking my virginity and I had enjoyed reading it. So for the first two months of the project I bought and read as many biographies as I could, including Sir Isaac Newton’s Biography.


There were times I would get scared but somehow I told myself if I failed I would give her back her money and move forward with what I had learned. Of course my colleagues were worried I would fail since I wasn’t such an established writer but I just had and still have an insatiable appetite for being in constant motion. Good news is I did it and till this day I wonder how I did it, so learn to eliminate unnecessary external forces so that your speed will never lose its motion.

  • The second law says that an object with a certain velocity maintains that velocity unless a force acts on it, to cause an acceleration. This law shows that if you exert the same force on two objects of different mass, you will get different accelerations (changes in motion).

acceleration 1

The effect (acceleration) on the smaller mass will be greater (more noticeable) for instance the effect of a Newton force on a baseball would be much greater than that same force acting on a truck. The difference in effect (acceleration) is entirely due to the difference in their masses.

acceleration 2

Therefore how big is your dream? Is it too big it seems insurmountable? Have you failed to raise the capital to set it up all at once? Maybe it is time to borrow some old time Sir Isaac Newton’s ideas and break them down. Remember a small mass faced with Newton’s second law of motion has a noticeable effect (acceleration) than a big mass.

When I wanted to have a custom design for my blog I didn’t have enough money to foster my first poorly designed site and boy I was desperate. I tried selling off my camera several times to get what I wanted until I met someone who showed me how to use Newton’s force on small masses.

He encouraged me to create content that couldn’t be ignored to keep people coming to a poorly designed website and it worked. When I put my mind off the site design I started to take off (accelerate) and before I knew it I had a great deal for a better website.

So whatever it is that you want to achieve but seems really too big to achieve…apply the old genius’s knowledge it works all round. Start small and build upwards.

law 32

  •  The third law says that for every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction (force).

Forces are found in pairs. Think about the time you sit in a chair. Your body exerts a force downward and that chair needs to exert an equal force upward or the chair will collapse. It’s an issue of symmetry.

law 3

Acting forces encounter other forces in the opposite direction. Once you start applying this law you’ll never give up on any project or idea that is failing. Once you understand that when you exert force (when you start a project) onto an idea you are bound to find many challenges on the way which are going to meet with an equal force that will highlight all the mistakes you made in the planning process.

That is the beauty of this law. It helps me think of very many angles to express myself through because with a new angle I get to encounter challenges that help me grow my craft.

laws of motion

So whenever you are planning to start up a business always remember forces are found in pairs this will help you befriend your challenges and instead of feeling like the world is conspiring against your idea, the sales are not as you predicted, the students are not showing up or in my case the traffic is not as good as you hoped, understand that even though forces are found in pairs, the challenging pair is out to make sure you don’t collapse.

It’s not out here to make sure you get out of business but it’s out to stabilize your weak work plan or business plan. It’s out here to test your tenacity and stick ability to this goal that you are planning to achieve.

What did you learn from Sir Newton’s Laws of Motion? Share with me in the comments below.



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