Why is nobody smiling at work today?


It’s a Wednesday, mid week, everything seems slow but you have a presentation to make. You’ve been busy throughout the past 3 weeks and have sunk into it resources some of which you just borrowed to make your presentation unforgettable.

presentation sucked

But the panelists said you sucked!!! It may be true to some extent but somehow deep down you hate yourself for all the sacrifices you put in, the wasted time and money you spent in preparation for it and it just turned out so differently than you hoped.

Or A client who signed a huge consignment with you just called and canceled and you can’t help it but grieve over the huge debts you incurred just to have the products ready, now you have no one else to sell them to, to relieve yourself of the debt burden.


It’s just a sucky day and you’re generally just sad because failure just knocked your socks off and you are shocked you didn’t even expect it.

And the worst thing of all about failure is; it is devastating even when you see it coming in the things you have control over.

It has a tendency to freeze your soul, shake you up, mind, body and entire social set up. When you’re face to face with it, it’s hard to even breathe, it just captivates you with its venomous exposure and somehow it makes sure you don’t escape it.

You’re just there; stilled out, waiting for your verdict, never truly knowing how long a time you will be serving in pain and sorrow.

sad feat

All you have to do is let it take over, don’t try fixing it, sometimes like I have come to learn it’s good to let pain happen, failure happen and let them take their course and when they are done with you then you have a right to start planning for your life once more.

But while they are still around don’t think about fixing anything, talking to anyone just eat, drink, dance if you can and just be grateful for what is happening to you however painful because with time that pain will subside.

But meanwhile play to its tunes; be so sad that sadness itself can’t help it but notice. There is a verse in the bible that says; a broken heart is a true window to the soul.

This is your time to become a better person, put your life in perspective, think about your journey, how far you’ve come from to get to where you are.

Use this window to get into the most creative person you’ve ever known because sadness makes the mind secrete a lot of its creative juices as a way of fighting back.

sad oprah

So please take this time as a blessing, open your mind and try to come up with several solutions to most of your life’s problems.

Use this time to become the greatest innovator/ inventor that ever walked the soils of the earth, become the best you.

Use this time to learn a few lessons in gratitude because gratitude is the only medicine for a broken heart, appreciate yourself more than ever before.

Get to find out about the different perspectives of the life that you live in as opposed to the one perspective you are used to where only winning is celebrated…welcome yourself to a world where failure is celebrated, in fact it is a way of life.

Make it your new lifestyle change. So I encourage you to cry if you must, be sad as much as you want because that is the only way you are going to reach out to your soul.

failure sad

Forget the old advice of being sad is bad, being sad should become the new cool the new “forget it, I’m fine” because I’m going to become the best innovator in history.

Being sad should be the new form of meditation and I’m not talking about the being sad and you start abusing people and sulking.

I’m talking about the inner sadness that seeks to improve you and keeps you quiet most times as you contemplate on how to take yourself out of that problem.

That’s the quality of sadness I’m talking about.

What is making you sad today share with me in the comments below?





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