When the question of salary comes up, how do you tackle it?


Today yet again am answering some fan mail and the question asked really affects most people, young or old. So here it is;

Hi Sarah, I hope you are well. I need some advice, how does one answer this question. How much do you want us to pay you? I would like to avoid being exploited but also want to avoid asking for too much money not to turn off my would be employer.

Now when the question of salary comes up, how can one tackle it?

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First off I want you to know, no one looks for help or an employee, if they don’t have money to pay them. Secondly they may have a rough estimate of how much they want to pay but if they meet a good candidate who can give them reason to increase the money they will be willing to do it.

Let’s bring it back to real life, haven’t you ever wanted to buy let’s say a camera reached the electronic shop when the price is higher than you expected and walked away. I guess you have.

And haven’t you ever really wanted to purchase a particular brand of camera and they asked you for a higher price than you expected but it was exactly what you wanted. Wouldn’t you borrow more money or save up money just to have it? Yeah I bet you would.

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That’s the way employers react to you when they are recruiting, they are human beings too, if you sell yourself so well they can’t live without you on their team they will cut back on every unnecessary expenditure the company is indulged in just to have you but for that to happen you must know your worth, know what you bring to the table.

There is an African proverb that says, if there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm. Meaning if you don’t doubt your skills, you don’t doubt you can bring it on and wow and amaze everyone on the panel, you should never be scared of asking for the amount of money your worth.

I must say I have been turned down to do major projects because clients find me pricy but the clients I have worked with in my personal budget have recommended my work and it’s not just the price it’s the detail I handle my work with. I give it the Sarah stroke and that is a stroke no one else has.

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The first time I asked someone to pay me 3million for 25 pages of work seemed ridiculous. They rolled their eyes and waved me off, told me no one would pay me for that much. Hired someone at 300,000/= to do it and the book was rejected.

They finally came back to me and paid me 3million to do it and I produced work that was worth 20million or even more and they went ahead to use my work to get a grant. So you can see the difference.

Just always know your worth and never compromise it for anyone even if they are promising you the security of employment and monthly salaries.

Just hang in there, be patient because you are in charge of your career and your new employer will be in charge of your job so don’t make a decision based on them, you should always base it on you and what you really want.

If you base your decision to take the job on your employer you’ll have to live with a lot of regrets and will often contemplate changing jobs in a short while when you realize you asked for less money than you deserve.

The best thing for you to do is just ask for how much you want and the employer, who sees it fit to hire you, will hire you at the end of the day.

It will not be about the money it will be about how much you fit their company culture, how much your strengths are needed.

How much your amazing can do to their company, so stay put if they refuse to offer you what you want, don’t compromise.

Never ever under value yourself just to fit an employer’s budget that’s where you’ll be turned into a push over






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