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The world is full of almost 12.3% of unemployed fresh graduates but of the 12.3%, 9% have a partial mentality to holding down jobs.

Although people worldwide are in awe of the large numbers of unemployment youths in the world, we have the job wanderers to thank for, for the invention of the stereotypical phrase of millenials.

The word Millenials was coined by hiring managers to refer to fresh graduates and there tendencies of being job wanderers.

The word wanderer reflects the lifestyle of nomads who move from one place to another in the hopes of getting the thing that they most desire at the moment.

while the word seeker in this case represents a hunter whose purpose in life is to hunt down and get that which he has gone out to kill from the wild.

Serious Job search

The two may seem like the same difference but a job seeker is determined to risk everything including their life and ego to get the job of their choice because of their hunting instincts. But job wanderers will be easily drawn away when the conditions to compete in this competitive job market get harsh.

Below are 7 signs that will help you draw the line between whether you’re a job wanderer or seeker

Job: A job wanderer will always take the available job while a job seeker will go for the job of their choice.

Salary: Since most job wanderers (nomads) reach places of re-sustention when they are desperately in need of water or pasture, a job wanderer will accept to take a cut in pay just to have a job.

But a job seeker will make the best negotiation on salary since they plan to be staying longer on the job they don’t want to be upset and forced to change career paths because they cannot afford certain luxuries.

Future: Job wanderers (nomads) never hold plans for the future because they don’t stay in one place for a long time. This is because there main goal is to feed their immediate needs and once that is achieved they tend to rest on their laurels and face the demise of getting fired.

while Job seekers have plans for the future therefore each day is a platform for them to showcase their skills. They will work hard to complete tasks each day because they plan to be nowhere else except at their current job.

Karamojong Nomad

Permanence/Job Security: Since job wanderers (nomads) tend to migrate from one place to another in search of fair conditions for themselves they don’t hold a single belief in permanence.

They are this work buddy who is always planning to land the next big thing and most of you will blindly call it ambition but wait till you see where he/she ends up that is when you’ll realize he/she was a job wanderer.

While job seekers believe in permanence and they are always planning to get this Certificate, Diploma, MBA or Degree to beef up their papers so that they are ready for a promotion in case a position avails itself.

When they get jobs they will focus on the job they are doing because they are spending most of their time thinking about how to get the job done as opposed to get there like job wanderers.

Saving Culture: Job wanderers often times don’t have a saving culture, they are always asking for advances of their salary before the month ends because they believe a certain business venture is going to yield them a lot of money.

If they invest money there it will help them escape the trap of employment not knowing that such things only exist in real life nomadic lifestyles where the weather dictates your future.

while the job seekers fully know that if you don’t save some money, when faced with the predicament of unemployment it will take you some time to get a job in the same profession you were previously in so these savings will help keep you adrift till you get your next job.

Criticism and loss: When criticized or when they make a loss, they easily give up on the 60% they have already worked hard on or learned and plan to start all over again from 0% in a career or job they have no clue about.

While job seekers take time and find out where they went wrong, correct the wrongs and then go back in the same career and start working hard from the 60% they left off at for betterment of their craft.

Over time: Before the clock hits 5pm they are ready to move out into another venture before the job seekers plan to walk away from their desks for the day.

Are you a Job Wanderer or Job Seeker…you can share with me?




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