So what the bastard fired you this morning


Yes you!! I’m talking to you. Is it really important that some man or woman fired you this morning? Is it really important that they said the most appalling things to you and had security escort you off the premises just like some petty thief?

Is it really important that your emotions are hurt and you are so furious it is felt on your breathe? So what?

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What they told you or did to you is not the most important thing, how you are going to fight back is the most important thing.

How you are going to set yourself up and make them regret silently or in confidence to someone about letting you off too fast is the most important thing.

How you will keep this anger long enough to fuel your career growth is amongst the most important things. So don’t you focus on the negatives?

Yes!!! I know you are angry, you have proof your termination was due to office politics or you were wrongfully accused or maybe you deserved it. Finding out who was right or wrong is a waste of your wounded emotions.

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You’ll never be a master at reading minds within this time when your own mind is filled with doubt and all sorts of emotional wounds. Let what happened to you be and move on with what will become.

Clean you up from whatever mess you got into to get fired and emotionally clean out to gain the confidence that will kick start your fight back.

And when you do, go hard!!! Leave no stone unturned. Whenever you’re tempted not to bring your A-game, always think about the pain you felt when you wondered what everyone else thought about you or said about you long after you had been sent away.

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Think about the gossip you left in the rumor mill and the constant phone calls from former colleagues pretending to sympathesize with you but they keep asking you the most uncouth question at the time… what are you going to do with your career?

How in hell do they expect you to know that in one day, except when they are planning on being lied to?

I know you’re feeling a lot of hate right now you don’t have any kind words to tell the bastard that did this to you or whichever fool it is that couldn’t see past you’re mistakes and give you a second chance to work for them.

But you have to put that all aside and think about how much importance you are giving the people and the experience that should be forgotten.

Learn to leave with the consequences of being fired because it is what it is instead embrace gratitude daily as you serve your time in pain and sorrow.


And when you come out of there, please wear your warrior spirit like an armor and inspire as many people as you can because when you come out of that journey you’ll never be the same again.

Now clean your tears because tomorrow is going to be brighter. I know it because I have been through your today.

If you have any more words of encouragement leave them in the comments below.









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