How to survive in life without pressure


Ignore every advice anyone will give you, on how to live your life

The advice may be good but life is so unpredictable for us emotional beings. 3 years back I thought I had it all planned out until my plan got blasted right in front of me without any explanation from life?

life feat

I looked for closure in every area of my life but there was none it was just life happening to another human being that’s all I saw.

So beginning of this year I set out to only set goals and look to achieving them as opposed to planning my life and anticipate achieving everything I planned in record time.

I have learned to embrace change with a smile, setbacks with a laugh and handle them with grace and not aggressiveness because I expect nothing from anyone let alone myself. I recognize my weaknesses as a human being and I wear them like armour and then move on.

Be a part of the generation you are living in no matter how old you are

It is very deadly for anyone to be part of a generation they are not willing to accommodate or move forward with. People like Sir Richard Branson have survived thus far by understanding the trends of the changing generations they have lived in and embraced all of them.

hahahaha baby

If we could borrow a leaf from him I bet we will also be as rich or richer and happier than him by the time we reach his age because on the up side, our lives are going to be much longer and fulfilling with the constant evolution of technology and science.

So there are many more opportunities for us to grow and become larger than life that is why I call out all the youths and adults to step up and become mentors to others in their own fields and start up businesses that will stir up future generations or even current generations.

Work like you are going to die in the next hour

work life

I know you’ve heard about the phrase work hard like you’re dying tomorrow but I have adjusted the phrase to trick my mind into over drive by telling myself, work hard like you are dying in the next hour and keep improving every minute because every passing day is an opportunity for you to lose your skin and  just like a snake foster daily growth.

If you grasp this, you will force your mind to concentrate on your work without getting distracted with the world, you will be on the Thomas Edison level of innovation and invention.

Envision each day like it were a foreign Country or new District

I believe you have all have visited new places and all of a sudden you want to try the food, listen to the music, learn the language and jokes, ask about the mythological stories and look out for different opportunities and ideas you can carry a long with you long after you leave that place.

Chinese photos

That is how I want to look at life forever. I want to remember every single days work, laughter, tears, pains, emergencies and crazies that is why I carry a journal/diary to keep track of all those great things that happened in my new day.

The food I ate the stories that happened hopefully years from now I will be telling people about my visits into every single day.

So go ahead and become inquisitive about your day, explore your strengths in that day and access your day and see if you were inquisitive enough to have been part of it or not.

Subscribe to daily emotional cleansing

Like it or not even the strongest amongst us are not immune to emotional pollution so it is very good for each of us to cleanse daily.

Some people find fulfillment in talking to others, singing, writing or painting whichever way you want it just make sure you cleanse daily.

Hope this article has been of help to you, feel free to with me share your methods of survival in the comments below.





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