The biggest mistake I will never make again


Most of us when we start out, we are sold the myth that asking for what we want from a future employer puts us in a bad position. But I will tell you this, failure to communicate what you require from your future employer at the beginning of your relationship (which is of course your interview) is the biggest mistake I will never make again.

When I started out I was so scared of putting my foot forward and push harder to ask for an appointment letter from my boss. My mother told me and my sister the benefits of getting an appointment letter and I understood them.

My sister was so bold she asked for an appointment letter when she was still on probation and she got it but I was so scared of getting in my new boss’s bad books least I faced unemployment.

During my interview I tried to somehow bring it up verbally although I didn’t push harder, I discussed with my boss when to put me on a retainer, not paying taxes and what I expected to get out of my working relationship with him but all that was not honored.

That caused me a lot of frustration at my job because 8 months down the road nothing was giving and when I mustered courage to bring it up again with my boss, he seemed to be pissed with me over something I didn’t quite get.

Communication is one of the biggest problems most graduates face and quite often we assume since our parents understand our inner most needs without airing them out, the boss is also going to get us.  Forgetting our parents have been with us for 20 something years and this boss has seen us for like 4-5months.

It is presumed that 60% of fresh graduates lose jobs within the first 12 months of working because of communication related problems.


Just like most youths, I am one of the above statistics who among others didn’t quite understand the importance of an appointment letter as a powerful communication tool.

An appointment is the best tool that communicates to you and your boss after the interview what your responsibilities are, what your salary scale is and what benefits are given to someone on your level in the organization.

Without it, given the nature of most Ugandan employers, you are like a young man or woman walking in the dark without a flash light.  You don’t know where you are going but silently hope or die for when your boss will promote you from uncertainty to certainty.

Every single day you throw away your youth and time at a job you don’t even have when you could invest time and energy searching for a job at a company that is willing to commit to you, you’ll be as good as wedded to them.

Below are some of the importance’s of an appointment letter,

1. When you have an appointment letter it is just a sure fire you have a job, you are employed and can be recognized as a legitimate employee of that company.

2.You can never be fired without getting three warnings.

3.If they terminate you without a solid reason, you can sue and the company will cover for the lost time, give you all your benefits and give you a package on which to live on until you get another job.

4.When you resign you’ll still get your benefits and everything I mentioned in the bullet above.

5.It clarifies what your job is therefore you will not have to be forced to do work which is out of your jurisdiction unless it is your choice.

6. If you work for an NGO your appointment letter will also indicates how long your working contract is with your company of choice which will help you keep the tabs on when you’ll be presumably unemployed or have your contract renewed.

7. It will clear all the unwanted questions about salary increment because it will come with some extra documents for you to read about company policy. I believe an appointment letter is one of the most important communication tools every graduate should look out for before exchanging your time for money at any company.

If I left out anything that you know an appointment letter can do please be free to share with me.

Have a great day for now.






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