The career pursuit that broke my heart


They said put your legs together. Put one leg forward, you need to lose weight. Stand upright, put on a smile, be friendly and I did.


Write your application letter in this format. You need to have a good command of the English language and I did. Then they wrote back and informed me, Qatar Airways would like to invite you to an open day in Seychelles. I was puzzled.

I had to pay for my air ticket, outrageous, you think! Wait for this one…they finally came to Uganda and what’s funny is I applied and Qatar airways never called for an open day. Was I sad, very!! I had lost a lot of weight for them, I took the pictures they wanted and we all know I can speak English so what went wrong.

I don’t know. So I took the initiative to visit there Headquarters in Kampala to find out what I had done wrong and this beautiful lady apologetically told me to find out from Qatar Airways Towers HQ in Doha Qatar.


Hahahaha really!! What a nice way of telling someone, we don’t have your time neither do we have time to explain to you why we didn’t hire you?

That was 2010 and I wanted to be a air hostess to travel the world, have lunch in Dubai, and sleep in London and wake up in Italy. You kind of get my vibe now. I wanted that, I wanted to feel good about myself and wanted to impress my friends.

Of course that happens to 99.9% of all human beings but here was the real deal. At that time I didn’t know the difference between wanting the privileges that come with the job and actually getting to do the job.

air hostess

Basically being a air hostess is being a waitress the only difference is you do it on a plane and you get paid well for it. Did I want to be a waitress, I’m I even remotely interested in serving tea, biscuits and food to people.

I bet you all, I would be seating in whichever stuff area they have on the plane reading a book while sipping away on a cup of spiced tea because truly that is what I love to do. Or lock myself up in the toilet and pull out my journal to write my daily musings while listening to loud music.

I was never interested in being a waitress even though they clothed it with a unique name…air hostess. All I was interested in are the privileges and many of us make this mistake. So before you set out to go on that job hunt, ask yourself whether you’re interested in the privileges that the job offers or you’re interested in doing the job itself.


Ask yourself if you’d really be willing to hang in there even when the going gets tough because 100% of longevity at the job is based on whether you love the job before you even think about whether it can pay your bills.

Most times as fresh grads we are pushed to take on the available job as it is presumed jobs are scarce. But ask yourself what will be the consequences of taking on something below what you really want.

Remember for every action there is an equally positive and negative effect. I have a friend of mine who took on the available job at a restaurant in 2011, started earning before I even got my first job but when I look at her now I can see she is stuck. She doesn’t get enough time to go out for as many interviews as she can, she really wants out but she doesn’t know how to get out.

So before you bet your life on any career path measure your strengths and weaknesses against the job you are going to do and not the privileges it offers.

What career pursuit have you ever embarked on and it broke your heart? Share with me in the comments below.




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