The HR Mindset 001: What the hell are HR’s looking for?


It’s a big jungle out here if you are in the HR’s shoes, from fresh graduates to experienced workers, to people who apply for jobs whose qualifications they don’t have, to people who can’t quite well articulate what it is that they really want from a job. HR are always facing off with countless CV’s and resume’s to see to it that they bring the right person for the job into the company.

This process takes them countless hours or even days going through CV after CV to see which job hopeful fits the job description. And yet on the other hand you are seated back home with your heart in your hands praying and chanting all types of prayers to help you get that dream job.

The only thing that is missing here is you are part of a game that you are not playing. So in 2016 we are resolving to be part of the HR’s recruiting game by studying the HR recruiting mindset.

So let’s go;


# Mindset One

Before you apply for any job you have to keep in mind that HR’s think about a job vacancy as something that is easily and regularly filled or something that is causing them a lot of problems.

So as a job hopeful it is your job to take their problem away by understanding things there way or you can be part of the problem by writing a CV and resume that is inept making their work harder.

It is from that premise that most Job adverts are held within the organizations to make their work easier. That is precisely why most people say, ‘such and such a company advertises job vacancies that are already filled’. The best thing for you to do as a job hopeful in this situation if you want to work for that particular company is to take on temporary work or volunteer or even do an internship.

However you have to keep in mind that the position you are working in temporarily or voluntarily, is in line with the position you want to apply for because it is hard to discard tea boy image faster if you are trying to apply for sales manager’s job in future.

# Mindset Two

HR’s are looking for people they can get along with. For a very long time we have been sold the myth that HR’s place high value on critical thinking and the level of academics at the university you graduated from but in actual sense HR’s don’t mind whether you graduated from Makerere University with a first class or Busitema University with a pass degree.

HR’s are mainly interested in people that are dependable, co-operative, have drive and self management, flexible, persistent, commitment, proactive and have planning abilities, self initiative and IT skills.

books pic

#Mindset Three

HR’s are always on the lookout for someone who is willing and able to learn. So as a job hopeful, be as clear as you can about your learning objectives and be sure to mention some of the learning resources you are currently have in place to achieve some of your learning objectives.

# Mindset Four

HR’s are looking for people who know themselves from this point of view;

What have you got to offer? This question requires full knowledge of what your talents are, strengths, skills, aptitude and other positive attributes and how they can aide in the job that you are seeking.

What do you want from the job? This question involves answers like stating what your needs are from the job, what your working preferences are or even salary and benefits, what your values are and how you prioritize them when considering any form of employment.

How can you use what you have to offer, to secure a job that offers what you want from a job? This question is pretty much answered by questions two and one.

gaps in Cv

# Mindset Five

HR’s spend less time reading your CV in fact HR’s are always looking for gaps in your education and job experience. Therefore you should also spend more time prioritizing these two segments in your CV and less time on crafting a fancy objective or words to add into your CV.

Once the HR finds gaps in your education or work experience which is not explained, your CV is immediately ignored or in short terms trashed.

Lastly HR’s are not really looking for the most qualified person but the person who can really be as meticulous as possible in the way they get themselves through that interview room. That’s all and that’s it.

I guess I’ve been of help today and hopefully tomorrow when you get that job you will be in position to ask me for my MTN Mobile money number or even treat me to a cup of coffee and talk about how you can easily get that promotion.

And as always if this has been helpful pass it on…share the love. It’s 2016 😉



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