The unresolved reso-illusion must end


They say; you need a new car, you need a new house, you need to get married, get promoted, buy land and have children and a bevy of fans for you to become a legend.

But I say you don’t!

All you need to become a legend is your bones.

The Dinosaur is not remembered by anything except its bones. 65 million years later nobody remembers the strongest dinosaur or the weakest Dinosaur. What paleontologists care about is finding the bones of this master piece, a species that became extinct.


Legendary isn’t about having a street named after you, or a town dedicated to talking about your genius, nobody cares about that 65 million years later. What everybody will care about is finding your bones which makes being a human being and being on earth simply enough for you to become legendary.

It’s a new year and I understand resolutions have been made, my only concern is, will you still be happy on 31st December of 2016 if everything that you hoped for never really worked out. Will you be happy with the experiences you had with the people that loved you dearly and not the things that you did not accomplish.

I spent the best part of last year trying to figure out how to fit my passion into this practical successful career box rather than having fun and I ended up depressed with every resolution that didn’t work out, every unmet goal and every underachieved milestone while spending countless hours trying to figure out where I went wrong? What I should have done right to improve myself and what not. Until I realized that life is not about what you’ve achieved but rather about your bones.

So here is to the legend of the bones and nothing more… and if you must really have a New Year’s resolution, let it be to die with all your bones intact because you might aide in the next step of evolution or scientific research.

Happy New Year














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