Think like a soldier to win at business


When you open a business, you open yourself up to the duty of service, just like a police officer, a soldier or medical officer.


Your duty is so great you are not supposed to expect your clients to respect you, if they don’t respect your brand.


They will not kiss your ring most times in fact expect them to abuse you, reject you but at the end of the day expect you to deliver your service to them.


And you have no right to abuse back because as a soldier at war your duty is to annihilate your enemy and win the battle.


In this case your enemy is the customer and the trophy is the money.


The moment your doors open let your only goal be to serve, serve your last customer as though you are serving your first customer.


soldier @war


Pay a lot of attention to them; answer their inquiries as though if you didn’t, it would kill you or them.


Let’s face it; if you’re sloppy it kills business and if you’re a woman, dump your hormonal imbalance at the door of your house because both in fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm.


Overcome yourself: In the army the greatest battle of all is overcoming you.


Whenever you feel like lashing out or abusing a customer, remember your anger is being directed to the wrong person.


It’s not the customers fault if your product doesn’t satisfy them visually or if you fail to sell them the idea that their life will be incomplete without your product.


Improve it and improve your sales skill.


If you have a customer with a bad attitude and temper, meet the situation without tenseness yet not recklessly.


If your spirit is settled it will be unbiased, it’ll help you think clearly and make the right decisions.


Let’s say, you run an internet café and a client complains about your key boards or computers.


That complaint is not personal; it is not about you so there is no reason for you to be rude.


Just explain why they are working like that and ask the customer for advice on how you can improve it.


Remember you are not your customer’s Queen or King, your friends and family may respect you for having opened your own business but to the customer you are just that guy or woman who has a business.


Let not you, get tempted to think that you can act as you wish because finally you are your own boss and no one can fire you.


You will definitely get fired, your customers may not do it directly but if they stop coming the land lord, KCCA taxes and supplies will fire you.


So either way, in this world every one of us has a boss including Sudhir Ruparelia.


He may have more money than me currently but Sudhir sure does work for me, because I bank with Crane Bank and use a couple of things his other industries make.


When Sudhir notices a decrease in sales he doesn’t look to himself for answers, he finds ways of getting the customers attracted to his products.


Everywhere I go I find Crane Bank, whether it is downtown or uptown, Sudhir has more than two ATM and banking outlets on the every street.


Call it extravagance but I say dude understands his clientele and every time I am split for cash I don’t worry about getting back to Kampala Road or to a particular street, I know Sudhir has got me covered.


That is a soldier at heart. A servant to his customers and just like any soldier Sudhir thinks about the death of his business empire everyday and improves everything that would kill it.


You too can do it and we raise a generation of none uniformed soldiers holding high the flag of service.




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  • Tom
    September 3, 2014

    haha naye kaana ggwe, otulina but i hv learnt sm thg for sure. thx buddy

  • Sarah Namulondo
    September 3, 2014

    Your welcome sebbo…..i plan to hold your attention longer.

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