What did you learn today?


This is a question I ask myself every day to keep myself accountable for hours I get a chance to be alive in a day. This question has helped me finish projects on time and also to keep account of the value I offer every day or the value I get out of each day.

So today I am going to share with you a couple of things I learned today and in return I hope you’ll share with me what you learned today. Here is what I learned today;

I learned how to use audacity and free Audio Editor: Both of these are audio editing software’s which I downloaded for free and went ahead to get tutorials from YouTube on how to use them. That was from 7:00am to 10:00am.


I learned how to DIY home ideas: I know, I know you must be rolling your eyes but PS I am a woman and plus if you see these girl’s DIY’s you’ll be stunned although I found it a little too much just for one room. I am a clean cheek look kind of girl…too much décor screams a lot of noise for me.

I learned how to make a chandelier out of recycled bottles: Just another environmental project. I know but it was exciting and it is on the low end. It’s something anyone with time on them could do.

I saw this up cycled Chandelier and I was incredibly wowed (if at all the word exists); I love beautiful things.

On the spiritual side

I learned that if you have an opportunity to help someone financially, emotionally or in any other way you should thank God for putting you in such a position: Helping someone out or having people who depend on you puts you in the position of God. Therefore it is something that should make you humble and not proud. People always present their most intimate needs to the most high or anything they believe in so if they shift their attention from God to you, then my friend you have no right to treat them like garbage or pushovers but as God would.

These people have put their trust in you as a God who walks among them, respect that and respect it a lot.

I learned that I don’t give life to any one not even as a woman: This is the biggest myth I have believed for so long. Since I am a woman I have been told several times that I can give life since I have the opportunity to produce other human beings but this is a lie. And for me this lie was tested today when I realized no matter what I did whether in terms of prayer or medical bills, I can’t give life to one of my dying relatives only God can if he wishes. Granted I can procreate which synonymously means (breed, propagate, multiply and reproduce) and has nothing talking about giving life in it.

What have you learned today? Share with me in the comments below.





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